Honeycomb Creative Support : A New-age Marketing Agency to Make Your Brand Stand out in the Digital World

Noufel A. N.,   Founder

Noufel A. N.


With startups witnessing massive growth in the past two decades, the advertising market has seen an exponential surge due to massive investments by brands in digital media. Just behind TV advertising, the share of digital advertising in India is seen at 33.4 percent being the key medium for digital first brands and consumer tech companies with a projected growth of 15.2 percent in 2023 and 15.7 percent in 2024. However, digital marketing encompasses an array of verticals and services and brands usually partner with trustworthy agencies to outsource digital communication planning and execution.

Honeycomb Creative is a leading marketing communication services provider, dedicated to producing engaging and effective content utilizing graphic design, video production, and web design & development, amongst others. Started in 2008, Honeycomb helps brands & businesses find their voice to communicate with their target audience with confidence through a wide range of services. Their evolution as 360-degree marketing communication solutions & services has made it possible to cater to digital marketing needs across industries that include lifestyle corporates, IT companies, SMEs, colleges, art galleries, photographers, and e-commerce companies. Talking about the dynamic world of digital communication, Noufel A. N., Founder of Honeycomb Creative Support says, "The method of communication has gotten simpler and more practical thanks to digitalization. Anyone today may launch or manage a company, even from a distance. All they need is a solid skill set, access to modern technology, and the internet. However, the most important factor is content, every company requires quality content to succeed in the marketplace. We at Honeycomb handle all of a company's branding-related activities, and assist in addressing the marketing problems that each organization faces”.

Building 360-degree Marketing Solutions
With over 14 years of experience in the industry, Honeycomb is a Bangalore-based 360-degree marketing & creative communication agency, driven by the mission of helping brands reimagine their digital foot prints by combining its expertise in Marcom, Design and Technology.
Starting with only one vertical of service and four people in 2008, as years passed the firm has achieved exponential growth. Today Honeycomb boasts of five service verticals running flawlessly, driving with a team of 110 members and providing best-in-class marketing solutions to big companies across the globe. Using new age communication methods, the team at Honeycomb helps their clients achieve their marketing objectives with services like digital marketing, video production, graphic design, and website development. The firm has also developed a print division called Photostop where they cater to well-renowned photographers, interior designers, and architects with high quality archival/fine art/giclee printing.

The team at Honeycomb believes in creating unique identities and communication for their brand partners, therefore they follow the rule of doing indepth research and competitor analysis, allowing their teams to come up with marketing strategies that would really help businesses to be invincible in the market. With a commitment to producing purpose-driven campaigns for clients, Honeycomb has managed to carve a name for itself in the domain with a highly reputed client base in both domestic and international markets across B2B and B2C sectors.

Shedding light on the process of creating differentiated communication of digital first brands, Noufel A. N. mentions, "We are a client-centric, creative and future-ready agency that focuses on giving voice to various businesses to communicate their brand message through our extensive variety of digital marketing solutions. These traits are enough for us to be different from other competitor agencies in India. We breathe life into brand stories by creating mindboggling content through audiovisuals, in the form of captivating videos graphic designs and digital strategies".

Prepared for Growth
Through showcasing the utmost passion and ethics in all the projects Honeycomb undertakes as an agency, the firm has been successful in acquiring good recommendations, client retention, and high-quality service over the years. In a span of 14 years, the agency has been able to build a repertoire of a reputable client base that includes brands like Titan, Infosys, Bosch, Edwards Life sciences, Levi's, Randstad, ITC, Decathlon, Allergan Aesthetics, Paperboat, Ogilvy, Urban Ladder, Louis Philippe, Little Elly and more.

Talking about future plans for the agency and how a company culture of creative expression has worked in favor of Honeycomb, Founder, Noufel concludes, "In contrast to other organizations, we support artistic independence, which helps to break through barriers and thinking beyond the box. We nurture a team of experts with decades of combined expertise in their individual skill sets, always working to develop purpose driven communication that connects with the audience. This has indirectly helped us grow as an agency as well. As one of the leading marketing and communication agencies in India, We now have plans to skyrocket our business growth with a turnover of Rs.100 Cr by the year 2025".