ICAN BPO: Promotes a Culture Imbued with Respect, Openness & Work-Life Balance

 Nitin Chacko ,   Managing Director & SBU Head
Nitin Chacko
Managing Director & SBU Head

In the present corporate world, what do employees desire the most apart from the usual aspects of remuneration and benefits? Majority of the answers would sum up to respect from their top manage-ment along with effective and open communication. A culture that promotes and instills these primordial aspects of respect and openness into every employee is what workplaces of today ought to showcase. Standing tall as the epitome of this very culture is ICAN BPO Private Limited (ICAN), an end-to-end service solutions provider enriched with expertise in customer acquisition and retention across diverse domains. ICAN always ensures to respect its employees regardless of their job role or domain of expertise besides providing them an efficient open door policy. Further with no hierarchy followed in its DNA, the firm fosters employees, right from the top to bottom level, to understand their job role and responsibilities and accordingly perform. Thus by incorporating all these aspects, ICAN always endeavours to create a good workplace ambience for its employees.

Truly Employee-Focused
It’s been 10 years since ICAN came into existence and the firm currently takes pride in its in-house expertise right from CRM, tools, softwares, applications, automation, integration to many other aspects, including its state-of-the-art centre. This diverse in-house capability is what attracts the young and aspirant professionals of today to embark onto ICAN. In fact, the entire office at Thane West is a beautiful set-up suffused with vibrant colours and extreme fun. There is no scope of stress for employees here as they are allowed to participate in variegated activities like telegames, dumb charades and others, being conducted on Fridays every month. They are also provided with various stress busters at the workplace
and at large, the perfect work-life balance. Nitin Chacko, Managing Director & SBU Head, ICAN BPO, adds, “We are tied up with an event management company to run out-of-the box events once a month and one such event was were they got in pets for our employees to play with”.

Besides the in-house Employee Relations team that emphasizes on driving fun among employees on an ongoing basis, ICAN has diverse associations with multiple event companies to further enhance this motive through variety of events once in a month. Clearly, the firm leaves no stone unturned in creating an atmosphere that is vibrant and attuned with the interests of its workforce; thus keeping them always engaged and intrigued. In fact, Nitin along with management/founding team personally attends and addresses each employee’s feedback in order to always keep-up the employee engagement levels.

Recounting ICAN’s workforce, Nitin says, “Our employees are our brand ambassadors. In fact, 80 percent of our hiring takes place through referrals and internal hiring, which clearly demonstrates the open culture we promote at the workplace”. What distinguishes ICAN from its peers is its lucrative nature while devising the commission structure and incentive plans for its employees besides always paying them on time. The firm also offers them a lot of bonuses on a quarterly basis; for instance, last year it gave out bikes, refrigerators, TV and many others. Even the health aspect of employees is taken care of through group accident policies and medical policies.

Take Time off Work!
Leaves are pre-scheduled over the calendar while the respective leaders of ICAN ensure that employees take leaves before they get lapsed or encashed. Sundays are usually off for the employees except certain unavoidable cases while on Saturdays, at least 50 percent of them work (on a rotational basis). Further, employees are taken to international vacations (Thailand & Singapore, to name a few) every quarter. Today, despite the industry’sattrition rates still accounting to eight percent, ICAN enjoys a negligible attrition where core team has been with the company for over eight years while employees stay over three years!
Women are given special attention and care at ICAN by its dedicated team supervised by a woman HR. All their concerns are duly addressed while the firm as a whole promises to keep them safe all the time. Today, the firm has managed to increase its women ratio to almost 40 percent and is seamlessly striving to augment this figure.

ICAN BPO has started its operations in India six months ago prior to which it was focused on the North American market. Today, the firm is happy to have around 550 people in its workforce along with 250 people in the outsource team. Moreover, ICAN has plans to increase its employee numbers under direct sales up to 700 in the coming years.

Key Management:
Nitin Chacko, Managing Director & SBU Head
Nitin holds over 20 years of successful track record in setting-up and managing large scale ITES operations across diverse industry verticals.

Thane West

•ICARE– Customer Acquisition Engagement and Retention
•IFAP- Finance and Accounting Practice
•IFIN– Consumer Lending Practice
•IAPPS– Technology Consulting Practice

“There is SUNSHINE in my life and never a Rainy day. We are always there for each other just a step away. We don’t go to parties we are the party, with OFFICE like ours I can take on the whole world but also slow down and be in the moment. ICAN has been my BFF &I know this will go so far”.
-Christina Kotekar, Trainer

"With the doubt can I; achieving the answers I can has been the exact journey of mine with ICAN. Where there is such inspiration, I don’t think one can go wrong".
-Winston Johnson, Sr.Trainer

“We work as a team and everyone in the team plays an equal role. We have a culture where we are incredibly self-critical, we don’t get comfortable with our success”.
-Farha Fakhi, HR Executive