ICCPL: Taking Brand Visibility To The Next Level

Dushyant Sinha,FounderPublic relations (PR) is a term that is very much known to everyone in the business world but to be fair its potential is still unknown to many. For some organizations, PR is just a way to build their marketing approach, and for some, it's a solution towards online reputation. However, PR is more than that, and a very few organization understand its value. A successful PR campaign can share the right information to the right places and people, to build the brand reputation.

Not just that but in this new age modern era of cut-throat competition, communication through thoughtfully crafted, effective narratives is the only way that can help businesses form a lasting impression and build a reputation over a period of time. Offering exactly the same while helping the industry reap the benefits of PR & marketing is Noida-based Integrated Centre for Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (ICCPL), a full-service 360-degree brand solutions leading PR agency, specialized in PR and content marketing.

Established in 2011, ICCPL is an independent growing agency that developed a firm understanding of the marketplace in India while helping c lients grow in their respective space. Today, under the aegis of Dushyant Sinha (Founder) and Ambika Saxena (Co-Founder), the company has cemented its hold in the PR industry as one of the leading PR agencies that operate as a highly professional partner for PR solutions.

Differential Factors
Taking a 360-degree approach to building PR campaigns, ICCPL uses strategic message development to build brands and achieve critical business objectives. Further leveraging its deep know-how about the business realm of India the firm has developed proven expertise in rendering content marketing, investor relations, crisis management, event management & employee relations solutions, all under one roof. "We have not just worked for big brands or has supported organizations with their branding requirements but has also offered a feeling of being amazed to all (including end-customers) with our effective & out-of-the-box branding strategies and PR campaign for clients" boasts Dushyant.

Gone are the days when stories in print where the major source of marketing & advertisement, today the digital world and platforms are the new norm. With the advancement in technology, rising dynamics of business and changing temperaments of the audience, it's not just that the prevalence of PR & online marketing has risen exponentially but in the current era, businesses are demanding much more than just PR solutions. Being one of the top players in the market to support and offer the best solutions for online PR, ICCPL excels in the segment and this is a factor that typically differentiates the firm from the crowd. A maestro at rendering online content
management solutions, ICCPL leverages its expertise to develop well-researched content in-house and disseminates it across various online portals. Furthermore, the firm also ensures that the content bears sweet fruit to the client. It is also adept at employing and leveraging new age tools and methods to maximize client benefits.

Today, where most of the PR agencies are plagued by unrealistic expectations and translucent communication, ICCPL emphasizes on a crystal-clear interaction with clients, where Dushyant and team consult them with respect to the media practices, offer them an actual market insight and a competitive level of study that ensures that their every penny only goes into marketing their name. ICCPL incorporates collaborative and syndicated approaches to amalgamate multiple media inputs to translate them into impactful client strategies.

Backed with these underlying principles guiding its operations, the firm has delivered utmost quality solutions to over 150 renowned organizations, and worked with 70+ real-estate clients, along with various startups, education, healthcare, and automobile clients. "I feel proud when I look back to the moment from where we started. Today, we have bagged some of the loyal and truly satisfied clients. Our relationship with our clients can be perceived from the fact that we have never felt the need to build a sales team. Our client retention rate is over 90 percent and we work only on references," states Ambika.

Ambika Saxena, Co-Founder

Bright Future
Another facet of ICCPL that segregates the firm is its strong presence in the nation along with its esteemed relationship with various media outlets. With presence in more than 22 cities across India and five branch offices primarily in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mumbai, the organization has built strong on-the- ground access to media across the nation. Further, the firm plans to establish itself in tier II & III cities in order to leverage the dormant potential of the rural cities of India.

Taking a 360-degree approach to building PR campaigns, ICCPL uses strategic message development to build brands and achieve critical business objectives

"We witnessed an amazing growth of 75.6 percent for the last year, besides we are highly confident that for this year inspite of the COVID-19 pandemic situation we will close at 100 percent revenue growth," concludes Dushyant. The organization shows a promising future growth with various accolades registered to its names like - PR Agency of the Year 2019 at India Property Awards 2019 by IBE Mumbai, Best MSME in PR & Media Strategies at WASME Excellence Awards 2019 and PR Agency of the Year 2019 at India Property Awards 2019 by IBE Bangalore.

Dushyant Sinha, Founder
A professional with 10+ years of experience in the industry, Dushyant is a communication expert who is renowned for his leadership quality and also for his expertise in PR & Marketing.

Ambika Saxena, Co-Founder
A sales & marketing expert, Ambika, hailing from country's most reputed management institution IIM Lucknow, is an enthusiastic professional with 12+ years of experience in the industry and is known for her deep knowledge and problem solving ability.

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