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 Sree Balaji,    CEO
Sree Balaji, CEO

Remuneration is no longer the sole concern of people while reconnoitering greater career opportunities. A recent research by Indeed emphases on this fact that, more and more career professionals are in the hunt for niche working model in the key driving sectors of economic growth that hold startling potential for career advancement in the long run. Clearly, building a balanced career is what majority of the individuals today are in the lookout for!

Thanks to iLink Systems, a global software solutions provider and system integrator, that emphasizes greatly on fashioning such an environment for smart employees to thrive and build their careers. The specialty of the firm is its diligence in ensuring that employees are promoted from within, enabling them to make a visible impact and giving them the autonomy and recognition they truly deserve.

At iLink, it is not only about the growth and learning opportunities offered in abundance to employees, but an accent on creating confidence and trust about them in a highly collaborative and energizing atmosphere where their ideas are esteemed and appreciated. Along with happiness quotient, the discipline of Client Centric, Innovative, Proactive, Honest, Empathetic and Reliable (CIPHER) - the primary core values of the company are infused in every recruit. No wonder, most of its team members, especially from the top and middle management teams have been constantly promoted to higher levels!

Healthy & Flexible Culture
Sree Balaji, CEO, iLink Systems, states, “We strongly believe that a healthy work culture is all about employees feeling valued, safe and comfortable along ample growth opportunities”. The firm has never been rigid in its work culture, but rather open where in employees can speak out their ideas or concerns to anyone from the top management. It also has no room for micromanagement in its culture, but encourages trust and team work maintaining great work-life balance.

At iLink, we understand that hiring the right people to make it a happier place requires some thought and grounding. Adept, yet
apt professionals are meticulously chosen by the firm’s HR professionals through simple, effective strategies while they also deliver unique perspectives for the firm’s growth which even top-notch leaders may fail to contemplate. To action this, the HR team plays a significant role in seamless design and implementation of essential changes to enhance the firm’s excellence. Employees are also recruited via attractive internal referral schemes while the firm’s delivery leads communi-cate with the candidates on a weekly basis to set clear expectations until their joining.

The primordial retention strategy followed at the company is to ascertain employees that they are an integral asset to the company by vibrant communication and open door policies. With regards to its employee-friendly HR policies, iLink Systems provides flexible work hours as per project and position requirements, work from home options and emergency leave of maximum 90 days (industry average – 45 days) with several other extended benefits such as an insurance coverage including the parental cover to be deployed in top hospitals. On the whole, the company stays abreast of the employees’ ever-evolving needs and accordingly modifies policies. Today, iLink Systems takes pride in its 600 people, out of which 36% hold tenure of more than five years and 10% hold more than 10 years.

Women at iLink Systems are presented with flexible work hours, work from home option and part-time options, especially as mothers and primary caretakers in the family. They are also safeguarded by iLink Systems’ ICC Committee and zero tolerance policy towards harassment. Various safety drills demonstrated at office premises propagate employee safety awareness during emergencies, fire hazards and other natural calamities as much as possible.

Thoughtful Actions = Contented Environment
‘Give back with your employees’ is the secondary moto of iLink systems that has always believed in devising company wide initiatives making a difference to the community. The personal satisfaction of the participants, in turn can hone them to become more productive. On this note, employees take their own initiatives to drive several community engagements and environmental programs.

Wellness and yoga sessions are conducted as a part of the firm to keep the work place calm, cool and stress free. Once in a month, employees get together to celebrate birthdays and any achievements of their coworkers besides involving in team building activities besides weekly happy

At iLink we also do lot of corporate social responsibility activities. With a view to upholding the principles of corporate social responsibility, we have been actively associated with several charity organizations and local philan-thropist organizations in Trichy to promote not just better education for the underprivileged children but also enabling them to live with dignity and respect. To make a long term and sustainable impact, iLink has associated with a village named Kayamapatti. We conduct eye camps for the aged, providing sapling to hundreds of house-holds, provide them safe drinking water and also conduct series of fun, sports activities for the children.

iLink Systems : Overview
Almost 90 percent of iLink Systems’ work is adapted to modern technology stacks such as NLP, IoT,Big Data, Cloud and Application Modernization, leveraging strategic partnerships with Microsoft. On an organi-zational front, the firm frames quick decisions benefiting both its customers and employees but never follows a multi-level or multi-step decision making process. Employees, on the other hand, get involved in developing fast-paced new fangled software rather than sustenance works. They are also given the freedom to chip in valuable suggestions during the quarterly employee surveys while the best ones are ensured to be implemented by iLink Systems.

iLink Systems has proudly beheld 10 percent growth in its employee numbers this quarter compared to last year and is sailing forward with goals on intensive hiring. The firm has also carved its future roadmap to create pit stops and smaller goals in view of achieving its larger objectives!

Key Management
Sree Balaji, CEO
Sree co-founded iLink Systems in 2002 and saw its rapid growth through tactic strategy, vision and commendable execution to win several industry-based and technology awards including Microsoft WPC Awards in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively. Under Sree’s leadership, iLink also won a place in Inc5000 list of fastest growing companies four times in a row and iLink is renowned as one of the 50 Top Technology Solutions providers in the Seattle area.

India, US, Malaysia and Middle-East

Key Offerings:
Cloud Services (Azure, AWS, O365), O365 Adoption and Migration, The HUB - Social Intranet, MEAN & Angular Solutions, Managed Services, DevOps and many others