Industrial Inspection Services: As part of serving continuously changing fabrication industries catering to the needs of today's complex material

Rajesh Gandhi,Owner, Industrial Inspection Services

Rajesh Gandhi

Owner, Industrial Inspection Services

A technologically advanced methodology to detect and evaluate defects in materials, Non-destructive testing is gaining its prominence across the industry and the market is projected to grow from $6,300.0 million in 2021 to $14,800.0 million in 2028 at a CAGR of 12.98% in forecast period. Emerging as a significant front runner of this blazing industry, Industrial Inspection services is not shying away from grabbing any potential growth opportunity that is coming forth in this sector. As part of serving continuously changing fabrication industries catering to the needs of today's complex material. Geometrics and safety requirements, Industrial Inspection services has been continuously upgrading hardware equipment & software through skill upgradation of its resources to achieve the quality and reliability of NDT services that are of prime importance to the current industry.

Evolving As An Automation Expert
In this digital age, Industrial Inspection Services has been working efficiently on Automation, and Quick delivery along with Heat treatment, NDT, Inspection and so on. In the time of this pandemic where continuity of work becomes a challenge due to various reasons, Industrial Inspection Services has ensured to move towards automation as far as practicable and reduce numerous other errors over time. In heat treatment as well, the firm has managed to switch over to a 100% programmable controller to ensure that there is minimum human inter action. In other NDT sectors, Industrial Inspection Services has also been trying to introduce automation except in ultrasonic and in the age of remote inspection, it has already completed quite a few online ASME audits in the last year. "Our presence is in the complete value chain which includes raw material inspection like plates, casting, forging to the fabrication industry where the biggest fabricated brands of India such as L&T Ltd, Isgec, BHEL are our permanent customers. Also, being in the final stage of service inspection, we are working for companies like ACC, Ambuja, GNFC and more. Our NDT team is a perfect blend of youth and experienced team members who bring in their expertise on the table," states Rajesh Gandhi, Owner, Industrial Inspection Services.
Industrial Inspection Services is also well known for its consultancy, providing ­ NDE L-III services for American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) approval, which is mostly opted by pressure vessel manufacturers involved in exports, Since last 20 years. "The fact we have attended almost 50 ASME audits so far is the testimony of our leadership in this segment. Our excellence also extends in delivering heat treatment services where our team of 80 plus well experienced technicians carrying out local stress relieving of weld joints like pipe, pressure vessels, tanks, site joints and others at fabrication shops and various sites. We have developed hybrid techniques to cater to heat treatment jobs for very important equipment of refineries reactor & regenerator made from alloy steel [CrMoV as elements] having up to 330 mm thickness, which only a few companies in the world have dealt with," shares Rajesh.

Gearing Up For The Future
Industrial Inspection Services has been associated with some of the biggest brands like L&T Ltd Hazira (more than 25 years), L&T MHPS Boiler Ltd.L&T Hydrocarbon Ltd.(02 decade),L&T special steel casting, ACC, Ambuja cement(02 deacade), GNFC (15 years), Isgec Ltd. BHEL and more for providing PT, MT, UT, VT and RTFI services to its clients hailing from various industries such as fabrication, heavy engineering, Refinery, Petrochemical, Defence, Nuclear and others. "Gearing up for further growth, we have converted our company into a Pvt. Ltd. Company from financial year 2021. We are continuously investing in new equipment & manpower which will further solidify our position as a market leader. Industrial Inspection Services Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2015 certified company and CRISIL, one of the most trusted rating agencies in our country, has rated us MSE2 continuously for the last 6 years which indicates our high financial strength & high operating performance. In the next five years we would like to cement our leadership position & expand our horizon beyond our country,"concludes Rajesh.

Key Attributes of Industrial Inspection Services:
•The largest PT & MPT service provider in India.
•One of the largest team for Providing Ultrasonic Services in Offshore Platform, Casting, Welding and raw material.
•Participated in more than 50 ASME Stamp as NDE L-III for various clients.
•Carried out ISR -LSR China by internal oil firing & in furnace is challenging condition-20 degree C.
•Carried out local stress relieving of largest C/S joint in India by electrical Resistance heating (FCC Regenerator for RPL, Jamnagar, carried out at L& T Shop, Hazira, size being 16.3-meter dia x 48mm thk.)
•Carried out local stress relieving of thickest job (For Mallaika reactor, Malaysia at L& T Hazira 6meter dia x 330mm thk.)
•One of the pioneer hybrid HT in India.
•Carrying Out LSR of pressure vessels with low voltage (80V).

Rajesh Gandhi, Owner, Industrial Inspection Services
Rajesh an ASNT Level-III(UT, RT, PT, MT, VT & ECT)expert is the trailblazer of Industrial Inspection Services. An experienced industry stalwart, Rajesh guides a team of 220 dedicated and experienced NDT professionals qualified in NDT Level-I, II & III.