InnoMaint: A Product Development Firm Striving to Create Innovative Solutions to Re-define Customers' Businesses

A.T. Srinivasan,CEOInnomaint is a cloud-based web and mobile application for maintenance management. The digital solution that the company offers is far more than a CMMS and can be termed as a cyber physical system as advocated by Industry 4.0 standards in which people, processes, tools, assets, sensors are interconnected via internet intelligently in a single unified digital pipeline for achieving complete, effective and optimized maintenance solutions. In a nutshell, it is a next generation trend in maintenance and it is a one stop Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), Enterprise Asset Management(EAM) and Field Service Management (FSM) Solution capable of handling the entire maintenance spectrum of a business. It is proactive in its approach preventing a hidden or nearing malfunction or defect which also includes workflow for corrective maintenance in which no service request gets lost in the middle and is tracked till completion by enforcing adherence to SLA's with multiple and multilevel reminders and escalations.

A One-Stop Solution Provider
Having launched in 2017, InnoMaint has evolved itself to provide solutions to different industry verticals such as Engineering, Health Care, Manufacturing, Facility Management, Field Service, Food processing, Textile, Oil and Gas, Power plants etc. The company's software product is used by millions of users to carry out work orders & PPM schedules daily to ensure a strong sustenance of core business operations by greatly minimizing human intervention.

While talking about the various segment of their services as well as customers, A.T. Srinivasan who is the CEO of the company says, "We serve three types of customers including a) Manufacturing industries who wish to manage their assets and maintenance activities inhouse. Innomaint serves as an Enterprise Asset Management Solution(EAM) to them, b) Facility Management companies who have been entrusted with the task of maintenance and management of essential business functions of outsourcing organizations to support the core business activities of the latter, and c) Organizations who perform branded service of any asset or machinery. It is most commonly a field work. Technicians visit the premises of the customers of certain asset models wherein each day the technician may work at different locations. We are also elated to mention that our website visitors come from 190+ countries as revealed by Google Analytics. We and our partners have a global presence in 9 countries and continue expanding our business across the globe.

In the long term they wish to widen their global presence in all major countries by acquiring new channel / implementation partners with offices in every location

Planning Ahead By Building Cohesive Team
Adding more about their team and their operations, A.T. Srinivasan says, "We have a dedicated technical team with good expertise and a long track record of excellence in resolving queries to the satisfaction of the customer. The user experience is great and seamless as we gave a strong focus on UX screens. The sophistication and affordability of the application with uncompromising simplicity, flexibility and user friendliness also offers us the winning edge over the competitors. The onboarding time is pretty quick and no special training is required for usage of the application by various user roles. We are at the forefront of delivering revolutionary new age IoT Solutions with quicker adaptability and swifter ROI at affordable rates. The migration process from excel sheets or other ordinary CMMS applications to InnoMaint is very easy. All stakeholders of the application can perform all the operations and transactions using a mobile app which is provided free of cost to all end users and none of the operation is system dependent. We support Third party API integration.

The following are the upcoming features that shall enrich InnoMaint further as the unconquered leader in CMMS market and that includes a) Visitor Management, b) Space Management, c) Inventory and Procurement Management, d) Security Patrolling (QR CODE and GOOGLE GEO LOCATION BASED), e) Document management system, f) Vehicle management - NPR Camera, g) Dynamic workflow with custom reports (Report Builder), h) Restroom management through IoT, i) Customized workflow management with RPA and BOTS, and j) Complete Smart factory management. Within the next three years the company aims to penetrate deeper into Asia Pacific, MENA (Middle East and North Africa) markets to gain more subscribers where they already have a good market presence with a churn rate less than 10% and new customer acquisition rates greater than 20 %. In the long term they wish to widen their Global presence in all major countries by acquiring new channel/implementation partners with offices in every location. Once this is achieved, the company is aiming to go for an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

A.T. Srinivasan, CEO
A.T. Srinivasan, CEO This pioneering industry stalwart has been able to create unique business strategies to take his business to the next level and create an inclusive working environment for the employees.

•Solution bank
•Offline work mode with mobile app sync
•Asset tracking with BLE Beacon
•Internal employee collaboration
•IoT solutions - Energy consumption monitoring, condition monitoring , process monitoring
•Covid Temp tracking solution
•Occupancy management (People count)
•Technician travel tracking in km
•GEO Fencing - attending nearby location
•Customer acknowledgment system with OTP
•Multi Lingual support
•2D Flor plan indicating current state of asset
•Live OEE monitoring