Intellect Partners: Helping Companies Navigate Complex IP Landscape with Intelligence

Rahul Thukral,   Director

Rahul Thukral


With time, more and more companies are realizing the importance of their intellectual property as assets and it is true for any leading edge technology company. Be it patents, trademarks, copyrights, know-how, or trade secrets, it is of utmost importance that it is identified, documented, protected, and even in some cases registered. This entails a whole gamut of work that requires a team of technical experts, engineers, executives, and technology managers to help craft the Intellectual Property strategies for the organization. Robust IP management also demands strategy development, to balance the cost involved in registering IP against the protection, which will be needed in markets that a business is in or plans to work in. Additionally, it is also important to know how the competitors are working to ensure there are no infringements.

Nestled in this space is Intellect Partners, which assists many of the world's most respected technology companies and patent aggregators (NPEs) to navigate today's complex and demanding IP landscapes. Intellect Partners provides law firms and corporates with best-in-class technical expertise to enforce, defend, or monetize their patent assets. With Intellect Partners, clients get access to a team of high caliber technical experts, sophisticated reverse engineering tools, and confidence in a team that always strives for the best. According to Rahul Thukral, Director, IP Operations, "The current Intellectual Property market in the US and Europe is predominately clustered around offensive strategies towards patent licensing and litigation. This gives ample opportunity for IP service providers to fill the gap and provide technical expertise & strategies for monetizing Intellectual Property Assets.

Being one of the pioneers in this space, Intellect Partners provides legal support services to technology companies, Law Firms, and NPEs to assist them with Patent Drafting, Prosecution, Search and Licensing/ Litigation Support services to align with their IP strategies”.

Managing IP Transactions
Intellect Partners advises on all kinds of IP transactions including patent acquisition, patent valuation, portfolio reviews, and sales. They offer a multidisciplinary consultancy on
intangible intellectual property assets ranging from strategic capital budgeting, infringement analysis, and mathematical valuation structures to arrive at IP valuation and term sheet negotiations.

Intellect Partners actively supports all spectrums of IP Lifecycle including portfolio mining, licensing campaign management patent searching, and strategic prosecution. A lot of emphases is put within the company on the use of proper tools and proprietary data sources to enable accurate analysis. The team has access to tools including Derwent Innovation, Innography, and Orbit Database which provides multi jurisdiction coverage of worldwide patent set and non-patent set. Rahul further adds, "Given the extent of IP overlap and infringement identification which could be difficult from a technical perspective, a lot of emphases is added on researching on propriety data sources such as TechInsights and use of inhouse Reverse Engineering(RE) tools such as CMW500 Base Station Emulator, Spectrum Analyzer FSH8, cSAR3D for telecom simulation Fiddler, Wireshark & Omnipeek network protocol analyzer for network analysis and source code review tools. At times, establishing infringement for litigation grade cases where the accuracy of presented information is critical, the reliance on such RE tools becomes paramount and this is where Intellect Partners fits well on clients requirements”.

With technology litigation pacing up in the US, Intellect Partners has been at fore front of guiding their client as subject matter experts in patent litigation matters

They assist in preparing the patent case, either an infringement case or a claim for revocation or nullity claim.

They assist in investigating the facts and issues of a case, assist the judge and jury in understanding complex technical and economic issues, and assist the litigation team in developing a case strategy. Technical experts usually have extensive experience related to the specific technology covered by the patent or the general scientific field around the patented invention. Experts at Intellect Partners provide opinions on technical issues like how the 'man skilled-in-the-art' looks at the time of applying for the patent, and about claim construction, invalidity, and infringement.

Intellect Partners have been actively assisting Fortune 500 companies in devising and streamlining their IP management & related practices and house a group of domain experts providing consultancy on IP matters relating to software, semiconductor, telecom, electronics, automotive, and medical domain. Apart from their domain expertise, Intellect Partners offers the use of project management tools and interactive client dashboards to have control of a complete project lifecycle. They aim to rehash the way Intellectual property solutions are conceptualized and eventually delivered to clients. Whether it is the creation of IP or managing a client's complex IP portfolio, Intellect Partners offers tools and expertise to equip their customers to make better informed IP decisions.