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 Rajendra Kumar Kandikonda,  Founder & Managing Director

Rajendra Kumar Kandikonda

Founder & Managing Director

According to projections, the Indian interior design industry would grow from a value of $23.2 billion in 2020 to $38.2 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 7.4 percent from 2021 to 2027. The thriving real estate market in India is one of the major factors driving the growth of the interior design sector. To add to it, urbanization, rising income levels, and population expansion are also among the contributors. Today, people are making conscious choices. Smart home technology, social media influence, and changes in lifestyles and living standards have led people to adopt interior solutions. People now want a building’s interior to be aesthetically pleasing. The planning, designing, and decorating of interior spaces is the responsibility of trade members, architects, and interior designers in India. Standing a step ahead of its competitors, Interface Interiors is a prominent player in the sector with over three decades of expertise in interior projects, project management, and facilities management. A customer-centric firm, Interface Interior is committed to delivering imaginative fit-out developments to satisfy varied clientele.

The initiatives, strategies, processes, and environment promoted by Interface Interiors are a true reflection of the firm’s vision and mission objectives. Interface Interiors envisions being one of the most cutting edge and sought after interior firms in India, with a strong emphasis on reliable delivery and top notch finishes in the interior design concepts, execution, and completion of all projects in order to create an atmosphere that will reflect the aspirations of the clients. With this vision in sight, the firm is striving to accomplish customer satisfaction with a focus on providing elegant, exclusive, exquisite, and effective interior solutions with the highest level of quality. The team at Interface Interiors works tirelessly to satisfy customers by offering them business-valued services and solutions that support their success now and in the future, as well as by forging lasting business relationships.

Rajendra Kumar Kandikonda, the Founder & Managing Director of Interface Interiors has a degree in Engineering and a Master's in Business Administration. Rajendra has working experience in Interiors, project management in Qualcomm, SAP, ADP, D.E. Shaw, and manufacturing industries in Bakelite Hylam and Allwyn. Coming from decent educational qualifications and 33+
years of Hands on experience in interiors and project management, Rajendra went on to founding Interface Interiors in the year 2018.

“We believe in being original, distinctive, innovative, and accessible. At Interface Interiors, our aim is to provide the best through the vision of our clients. Professionalism and honesty are top of our list. We collaborate well with our customers which requires good commitment and engagement that will in turn build a strong working relationship in the long term”, shares Rajendra Kumar Kandikonda, the Founder & Managing Director, Interface Interiors.

With the core objective being complete client satisfaction, Interface Interiors’ approach can be categorized into three pillars, namely the drivers, enablers, and results. Customer focus, quality objectives, processes, and resources act as drivers whereas data-based analytics and continual improvement act as enablers to the achievement of customer satisfaction which is the end goal or the result that the company aims at.

With the core objective being complete client satisfaction,Interface Interiors’ approach can be categorized into three pillars, namely the drivers, enablers, & results

Unique Offerings
Interface Interiors offers a range of services including turnkey interiors and exteriors projects, retrofit and remodelling of offices, civil construction, electrical installations and HVAC, fire safety and security systems, all types of flooring works, furniture and fixtures, plumbing and sewage works, painting and decorative tasks, ceiling works, carpentry, landscaping, and partitions and glass installations. Interface Interiors is a one-stop shop offering complete interior design, project execution and management, and renovation services under one roof.

The team at Interface Interiors comprises knowledgeable and experienced individuals that contribute at the senior level to the project. The business also takes pride in placing a strong emphasis on quality and innovation. This is made possible by the self driven and dedicated employees of the business who are committed to producing only the greatest outcomes. The team's primary areas of focus are innovation and integrity. As a client focused company, Interface Interiors’ team is committed to comprehending clients'needs and providing the most suitable solutions at competitive prices while exceeding clients' expectations. This aids the business in developing enduring relationships with its clients.

“We have a team of professionally qualified and technically skilled personnel who can execute turn key interior projects including interiors, automation, HVAC, VRV, electrical, fire safety, security systems, civil work, modular furniture, modular offices, fire fighting, electrical, automation, lighting, flooring, ceiling and all kind of renovation works”, adds Ranjendra.

With a committed team, decades of experience and a creative and innovative bent, in the years to come, Interface Interiors is on the verge of becoming the go-to interior solutions firm in India.