JK Tech: Aiming For Sustained Success Backed By A Team Of Pioneering Professionals

Aloke Paskar,President & CEO

Aloke Paskar

President & CEO

The tech industry is one market segment that has been on the path of rapid changes constantly. With more and more businesses entering the stratum regularly, the competition has also been on the rise. In this ultracompetitive market segment, JK Tech is one pioneering business organization that has been able to stand out from the competition owing to its commitment to never compromise on its quality and its passion for constant innovation.

Apart from these, JK Tech’s peoplecentricity and its passion to create an inclusive work environment for its employees have helped them to be a catalyst of change in the tech domain. This niche IT service provider’s core competency lies in Hyperautomation and Modernization. Unlike many other businesses that advertise themselves as a one-stop shop, JK Tech focuses on specialized services, and they have ample domain expertise in Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, and Consumer Packaged Goods.

On The Path Of Constant Innovation And Continuous Improvement
Giving us more insights into their initial market journey and operations, Aloke Paskar, President and CEO, JK Tech states “We started our journey back in 1994 as a Progress and QAD powerhouse. Since then, we have been constantly evolving and reimagining our ecosystem to be an intelligent enterprise and identifying potential ways of offering our customers the best-in-class new-age business solutions.

We are working on new-age technologies such as Blockchain, AI/ML, and Analytics to help our customers in their Digital Transformation Journey. JK Tech stands by its vision of being "committed to a superior experience" in whatever we do for our customers, people, and the environment. We believe in the power of working together and owing to that, we have partnered with leading organizations like Automation Anywhere, EvoluteIQ, AWS, Azure, Celonis, and Mendix, to leverage the power of the latest technologies.”

JK Tech as an organization has transformed from ground level. This rebranding has been undertaken for the first time in 27 years and involved laying out and comprehending the future aspirations of the organization by redesigning the brand. While JK Tech has
already established itself as a leader in technologies like SAP, QAD, and Progress, it wanted to tap into the potential of emerging digital technologies.

As part of their plans to evolve with the changing market conditions, over the years, JK Tech has worked closely with Progress Software Corp. to create proprietary frameworks and help customers upgrade/migrate to the latest version of Open Edge. The company has recently partnered with T-Hub which is India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, to accelerate its innovation capabilities and innovation-driven activities like start-up interactions, innovation workshops, as well as, thought leadership.

JK Tech has also set up a grant of $100,000 to support innovative start-ups. With their unwavering focus on innovation, the company has also built a dedicated ‘JK TECH INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM’ which is a platform to explore the power and possibilities to ideate unusual ideas and confront new realities.

The Perfect Job Destination To Thrive And Excel
Talking more about the work environment at the company, Aloke adds “Peoplecentricity remains at the heart of JK Tech and for us, an organization, people are our precious assets, and we value and admire our employees. Our work culture is driven by “Collaboration”, “Respect”, “Attitude” & “Passion” and our purpose is to empower our employees to look beyond their job and redefine their relationships with their careers so that you get up every day with a renewed zeal to lead there day with a vision and build a robust identity yourself.

Apart from all this, since offices are like a second home to employees, we have revamped it creating a positive, fun, happening, inclusive, and comfortable work sphere that is loved by our people and makes them excited to get back to the office”.

JK Tech acknowledges the fact that their people are the ones who make them unique and compels them to better serve their clients and communities. Therefore, the company has designed its programs in a way that helps every employee with the flexibility to grow and manage their careers. The company has come up with policies like a flexible, hybrid, and compressed workweeks that enable them to work freely in their comfort without worrying about any stringent schedules.

JK Tech stands by its vision of being "committed to a superior experience" in whatever we do for our customers, people, and the environment

JK Tech also conducts knowledge sessions to ensure employees are aligned with the domain and/or technology solutions offered by the company. Functional training is yet another activity that is conducted regularly at the company to upskill and cross-skill the employees. Apart from all this, fitness and mindfulness sessions to guide our employees in maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle, as well as, fun activities to maintain employee engagement and employee morale are common at JK Tech.

Recently, to erase the physical and emotional distances of the employees during work from home schedules, the company has come up with JK Tech TRIBES which are groups formed among people who have similar interests, to discuss favorite topics. And with all this, JK Tech is showcasing examples of how to treat employees the right way while also ensuring that they remain motivated to work towards the sustained success of the organization.

Aloke Paskar, President & CEO
A pioneering professional with a unique view on both driving the business growth as well as creating a unique work environment where the employees remain motivated to perform at the highest level.