JK Technosoft: Contemporary Policies Aligned with Industry Best Practices

Shyam Verma , CHRO,Satish Gupta, Managing Director

Shyam Verma , CHRO

Satish Gupta, Managing Director

Human Resource management is often viewed as a modern day concept; however, maximizing workforce potential and people management has been a concern stretching back to the 19th century. As societies and industries evolved so did the concept of human resource management; some HR strategies have since been entrenched in HR as ‘best practices’. Industry best practices have been evolving over a period of time, and it is pertinent for organizations to keep pace with contemporary HR policies while staying in-tune with time tested strategies. JK Technosoft, a global software service and solutions company believes in inculcating a fine blend between traditional and contemporary policies in order to improve the work culture, eco-system and employee performance.

“For us, it is not about the policies being contemporary or traditional. Our primary objective is to better our work culture, eco-system and workforce,” says Satish Gupta, Managing Director, JK Technosoft. The Noida-based firm ensures to review its policies periodically in order to align them with industry best practices. Working with the aim to attract and retain people who aspire to make a difference and share the company’s vision, JK Technosoft has cultivated a stimulating work environment.

Finding & Retaining the Best Talent
Finding the best talent has never been as difficult as it is today, and retaining the most talented employees is even tougher. JK Technosoft has adopted a simple and straightforward hiring methodology that keeps the business requirements in mind irrespective of the vendor, portal or reference. The hiring team’s primary focus is always on skills rather than individuals. Keeping a healthy 80:20 ratio in terms of recruiting experienced and fresher graduates, JK Technosoft conducts campus hiring every year from Tier-I & Tier-II colleges. The company has also put a reference policy in place through which employees are awarded for referring their friends or ex-colleagues.

Additionally, the company invites referrals from ex-JKtians to contribute towards the JK Technosoft growth plan. The tech firm has initiated automation practices and digital inclusion to simplify its future hiring & recruitment process.

JK Technosoft also takes employee retention seriously and has put in place various measures such as building a friendly culture & environment, policies and salary structures in place to cultivate an engaged workforce. “Most importantly, we establish employee connect and engage with them to be involved with JK Technosoft’s growth story. This helps us retain & attract fresh talent, which keeps our talent out ratio less than the market percentage,” explains Shyam Verma, CHRO, JK Technosoft.

JK Technosoft believes that recognizing and rewarding employees for exceptional performance can play a key role in creating a positive company culture. The firm actively recognizes and appreciates its employees’ performance at ‘Thank You Awards’, the firm’s quarterly event. These employee achievements are displayed on the television screen for everyone to view and appreciate. Employees are also bestowed with the ‘Annual Awards’ for their overall performance during the year.
Learning & Development for All
A forward looking firm, JK Technosoft ensures that its workforce stays in line with technology trends. The firm has developed its own learning & development infrastructure to train employees in upcoming technologies based on business requirements. This dedicated ‘training and learning’ business unit ensures that employees are cross trained across technologies which enables skill flexibility and adaption to various projects on different technologies. The company also hires fresh graduates every year and trains them in upcoming technologies to make them future ready.

In order to strengthen its arsenal of specialized experts, JK Technosoft has individual certification policy to encourage employees to gain individual certifications. “We are a digital transformation player offering services across multiple platforms, creating learning & development opportunities for our employees,” adds Satish. The company’s talented team recently developed an internal product for health management that has been implemented across government and private organizations.

With technology being at the core of its very DNA, JK Technosoft leverages all tech mediums such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and internally, newsletters & townhalls, among others, for knowledge sharing. These mediums not only showcase HR initiatives, but also help propagate ‘experts’ talks’ in the organization, any achievements or appreciation received from the clients as well.

We establish employee connect and engage with them to be involved with JK Technosoft’s growth story, which helps us retain & attract fresh talent

Promoting Physical & Mental Wellbeing
Other than ensuring that its workforce stays abreast with every industry trend, JK Technosoft also endeavors to cultivate a physically and mentally capable team. The company has initiated various employee engagement activities aimed at taking care of its employees’ physical and mental well-being. Initiatives/policies such as Buddy Programme, Work from Home, Leave & Holiday, and benefits such as medical insurance, health talk by various medical practitioners, yoga classes, various festival celebrations and fun Friday activities help the company in creating a fun-filled work environment.

In order to keep pace with a high percentage of millennial and Gen Z employees who are well informed about health and safety at work environment, KJ Techosoft has taken proactive steps to establish a health safety committee. The committee keeps employees well-informed about injury & illness statistics, safety-related issues and emergency health advisory information, among others. In a bid to promote a healthy and safe working environment, the company provides frequent doctor visits at various facilities, flexi-work environment, work from home options and a leave policy tailored to cater to employee needs so that a healthy work-life balance can be maintained.

Well Balanced Gender Ratio
In today’s times, empowering the female workforce has become crucial for every organization, and JK Technosoft is committed towards the cause. Functioning with a strong belief that women are efficient at multitasking and very efficient in terms of time management, making them more productive, the company has good strength of women employees in each department. Having cultivated a healthy gender balance, JK Technosoft provides equal growth opportunities to all its employees irrespective of their gender. Staunchly opposed to the idea of implementing quotas, JK Technosoft firmly believes in gender equality and provides equal growth opportunities for having the best mind and talent on board.

“When I say equal opportunities, it means my female fellow colleagues are also getting all the benefits applicable to male employees, apart from security with cab facilities for odd hours, more flexi timings and work from home based on their situations,” says Shyam. The company’s harassment cell (committee members) always plays an active role in up-keeping women safety and meets at frequent intervals to ensure a safe work environment. JK Technosoft has a healthy number of women employees at the management and leadership level who are actively playing a role in the organizational growth.

Integral Tenets of JK Technosoft’s Work Culture:
- Transparency
- Open communication
- A sense of freedom
- Commitment to human values

Employee Speak:
“As a Mom to a toddler, I am very proud to work in JKT because I think as a parent, it takes a lot to leave the house in morning and go to a job; but my work has a meaning here. JKT provides a very good work-life balance. I have been associated with JKT for more than three years now, and the learning experience during this period has been awesome, and it continues to excel with growth” ~ Gayatri Bhardwaj, Assistant Manager.