Kandar Diabetes Centre - KDC: Providing the best Diabetic Healthcare to its Patients

Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar,FounderThe Healthcare industry has evolved much since the past. This has been due to increasing awareness over health concerns and evolving technology for advanced treatments. Kandar Diabetes Centre KDC is one of the most promising diabetes clinics in India that provides holistic diabetic management and care to its clients.

The clinic has been named after the key person, Dr. Kandar. He has many years of experiences in diabetes care management including Diabetes Foot Care, Diabetes in children, Gestational Diabetes, Obesity & Lipid &Hypertension Management. Dr. Kandar received best Doctor Award in the field of practicing Diabetes-2018. He is a very proactive research enthusiast and has contributed many international publications as well. He was the chairperson of `BASAL INITIATION AND KNOWLEDGE SHARING LINK PROGRAM' 2018 approved by the federation of the ROYAL COLLEGE of PHYSICIAN, UK.

High Quality Labs For Best Services
Started in 2004, KDC is one of the recognized Centre's for Flash Glucose Monitoring system(ABG) in Hyderabad through AGP Clinical Academy Portsmouth hospital, NHS Trust and Centre for Insulin Pump application. KDC also runs a special "Diabetes foot care clinic" recognized by WDF, IDF& DFSI. KDC is a registered practice centre and has a logo that symbolizes care for the complications of diabetes, provided and best managed. It is one of the recognized AGP ­ Glucose sensors application and insulin pump therapy in Hyderabad.

The centre has high quality labs and pharmacy for serving the best services to their clients. The patient's time and the clinician's time is best utilized at the institution, thus helping them gain the best experience and quality. It has very skilled allied healthcare professionals such as dietitians, physiotherapist, psychologist, diabetes nurses and counselling services by NHS, UK. The company has gained authentic reviews by its clients on google, gaining 4.8 Star rating out of 5 on Google.

Special Emphasis On Care For All
India is the second largest country in the prevalence of diabetes. Under an estimated population of 77 million people with diabetes,
researchers estimate that 57% of cases remain undiagnosed. According to a National Urban Diabetes Survey 1 in 6 Indians are prediabetic. The estimated prevalence of Prediabetes in India is 14%. It is a huge burden to the society as well as for any individual.

As per the survey,50% cost is due to complications and hospitalizations and 40% is due to anti diabetic drugs, lab tests & Consultations. KDC focuses on reducing complications, hospitalizations, & costs on lab tests and anti-diabetic medicines. It also focuses on specific anti diabetic medicines which have minimal effect on hypoglycaemia, thus avoiding diabetic comas.

The doctors at KDC extend their services from 8AM to 8PM. The day care facilities at KDC aims and delivers high care quality of services at affordable prices. The special emphasis of the company is - "care for all". Podiatry service is also available for primary prevention of amputation at physician level.

KDC Realises Its Patients As The Core Concern And Works Hard Each Day To Provide The Best Healthcare

Extending IT Services To The Masses
KDC does mass free screening for Diabetes and complications once in the clinic every month. It also provides free insulin, insulin devices, glucometer & strips. It also funds school and college fee (in special subjects)to type 1DM with under privilege. As a part of social services and as committed passion, the centre has been conducting free Diabetes and complications Screening camps in various rural places and urban slums in Telangana as well as few districts in West Bengal Since 2004.

As India requires much needed healthcare in the villages, KDC plans to reach the rural communities by conducting free Diabetic screening camps as well as Diabetic Prevention education awareness in various places. KDC has liaison with many international diplomats. The prime motto is to install latest technologies for better services in Diabetes care and management. It also conducts audits on a timely basis to improve the care facilities delivered. KDC specifically focuses on delivering care as close to home as possible.

Seeing the impact of Covid – 19 Pandemic, KDC aims at reducing the transmission rate of virus, by changing the centre’s practice to telecom siltation that recently turned out being a huge success. It also aims to deliver face to face consultation, encouraging and emphasizing its patients to get Covid vaccinations done for better recovery, even if they contract the virus.

Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar, Founder, Kandar Diabetes Centre
Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar received Recent Management of Diabetes in 2007 award by Harvard Medical School, Boston, the U.S.A. Dr. Dilip is a renowned Diabetologists from Andhra Pradesh with exhibited experience in diabetes practicing and Dr. Dilip completed an advanced certificate course on diabetes from American Diabetes Association-USA 2014.