Koyopo: Helping Businesses Transform with Certified Customer Experience Programs

Rajat Chawla, Founder & CEO,Anurita, Co-Founder & COO

Rajat Chawla, Founder & CEO

Anurita, Co-Founder & COO

A great customer experience is crucial to the continued growth of any business. A positive customer experience help create loyal customers, promote brand advocacy and increase profitability. Today customers are more empowered than the sellers. Companies therefore are focusing more on how to deliver great customer experiences. This has thus influenced the growth of certified CX professionals capable of delivering great experiences and pushed companies to seek certification in CX.

Pune based Koyopo a leading customer and employee experience trans formation services provider. Koyopo is India's only company offering globally recognised customer experience certification and training programs.

The company help businesses deliver exceptional CX services. "Specialists in 'building customer experience skills', we help businesses master customer experience capabilities develop customer centric mindset and enhance employee experience," says Rajat Chawla, Founder & CEO of Koyopo.

Offering World Class Customer Experience Master Class
Koyopo offers Master Class in Customer Experience by a Certified Coach and International Customer Experience Mentor accredited by the Customer Experience Professionals Association(CXPA)US. This program helps individuals and companies
understand the six key Customer Experience competencies needed to build a customer centric organization. The program also provide guidance on how to gain Internationally recognized customer experience certification.

The team at Koyopo is Asia's first authorized mentors for CCXP training. Some of the key highlights of this course are it helps companies build customer centric culture, understand customer insights, decode CX metrics, boost ROI and helps build a structured customer experience strategy.

The team at Koyopo are Asia's first authorised mentors for CCX Ptraining

Ian Golding Global CX Specialist says “Rajat is a Customer Experience 'Pioneer' with a wealth of both experience and intellect, he is a credit to the Customer Experience Profession. I look forward to learning from him as he continues to transform Customer Experiences all over India and beyond”. The Koyopo has served clients like GOOGLE, Fresh works, Cisco, Nasscom, TATA CLIQ and many more helping them enhance their CX capabilities.

"The companies we work with range from technology,AI, banking, healthcare to manufacturing and many more. We believe in driving growth through nurturing and deep understanding of customer needs,"adds Anurita, Co-Founder & COO of Koyopo.

Koyopo - Asia’s 1st Certified Customer Experience Mentors
The journey to start a company that help professionals gain global CX certification began after Rajat became Asia's first certified CX professional authorised by CXPA, US. It was then that Anurita and Rajat decided to start Asia's first CCXP Certification training program from India.

Since then, the company has helped organizations acquire global certifications also help create awareness regarding the importance of professional customer experience career. Rajat also published a book named, Customer Experience Design Book to help individuals and organizations get fundamental understanding of the customer experience domain through interactive exercises and illustrations.

Currently, the company guides, mentors and consults with organizations and customer experience practitioners in over 35 countries worldwide. The company hopes to simplify customer experience and help businesses attract and retain its customers. "Our vision is to simplify the concept of customer experience so even a fifth grader can understand it,"concludes Rajat.