Kuse: Adding Value For Clients In Terms Of Financial Gains And Brand Recognition

Kunal Sehdev,Co-Founder & Chief Design Strategist

Kunal Sehdev

Co-Founder & Chief Design Strategist

Operating in the current competitive global market where product distinctiveness drives the success of the company among other co-players, innovation is an absolute business phenomenon pertaining to the market presence and customer engagement. Designing impactful products that fuel the growth of the companies simultaneously leading to the economic boost, the product design sector is growing exponentially in India offering a plethora of services.

One of the promising names of the industry creating a major upheaval owing to its impeccable services in product designs, Kuse stands apart by nursing a design culture based on deep understanding and sensitivity towards consumers' latent needs and desires. Continuing with a mission to democratize design and to educate more and more industries to use product design as their strongest tool of growth and sustenance, Kuse is always evolving to create a better and much beautiful world with superior quality product innovations.

A Global Product Design Company
Equipped with adequate knowledge to come up with progressive product designs for large variety of industry, the designs bestowed by Kuse are not only adored by the end customers but have ended up adding a large value for clients- both in terms of financial gains and brand recognition. "We started as a global product design company and gradually added additional services to provide our customers with all the design aspects that can ensure the success of the product. For us a product design doesn't end up with just the product, it's about all that goes together with it, be it the packaging design, branding, communication or something as simple as an impressive photograph of the product.

Everything together comprises a product design that gives an ideal experience to the customer. Having designed toys, furniture, jewellery, tabletop accessories, lifestyle products, kitchenware, dinnerware, home appliances, automobiles, gadgets and several other categories of products, recently, we have made several designs for the liquor industry that includes bottle design, label and packaging design, branding and communication," says Kunal Sehdev, Co-
Founder & Chief Design Strategist, Kuse.

Beauty Inside Out
With seven international awards, two awards in India and several accolades backing a vast industry experience, Kuse is considered as a versatile product design organization offering services such as product design, branding, communication design, packaging design & photography to various organizations across the globe.

"Beauty inside out is our DNA and we believe that everything must look beautiful and visually pleasing. A lot of our designs are getting a strong recognition and products are capturing market share rapidly for our customers. We ensure to take care of the functional aspect of the product and at the same time keep the visual elements like its form, shape, color, material and ergonomics, at the forefront. We have our packaging production unit that enables us to expand our viewpoint on design and how we can work closely with the factory to make constant innovation to create delightful solutions.

We keep ourselves updated with new technologies and fresh ways of manufacturing products by constant visits to global product exhibitions like Ambiente Frankfurt, Houseware show in Chicago, Canton Fair Guangzhou and several other fairs across Europe, US, Hongkong and China. As our customers manufacture their products in Europe, China and India, our close association with top-level manufacturing units around the world gives us a deep insight into this subject," states Mithula Sehdev, Co-founder & Creative Director, Kuse.

Kuse stands apart by nursing a design culture based on deep understanding and sensitivit y towards consumers' latent needs and desires

The Path Ahead
Bestowed with 3 Red Dot Awards from Germany, 2 Good Design Awards from Chicago USA, 2 Design preis nomination from Germany, and 2 Spiritz Achievers Award in India, Kuse hosts a large list of clients including Newbridge Silverware Ireland, Schou Denmark, Aerts Belgium, Lecreuset France, GRST Hong Kong, Jack & Jones, Tupperware, Spykar Jeans, Pepe, Livepure, Medusa, Radico Industries, and many more.

"As the world is going through the most extraordinary times it requires most extraordinary efforts to cope up with the situation. On one side there is a need to be extremely cautious with any new developments and investments, and on the other side, it's important to be ready for the changing world with fresh new products that would rule the new world that is predicted as an outcome of post-pandemic circumstance. Covid times did left an impact on business growth, but it inspired us to modify our business model with a creative approach.

Our upcoming innovation, Recyclable Power Bank for eBatte Hong Kong is going to be launched later this year, where we have designed their portable power-bank. Apart from taking up projects from customers, we are currently forming joint-ventures and collaborations to expand our horizon, majorly focusing on environmental and social consciousness, wellbeing, sustainability and purposeful existence. Soon we plan to come up with a couple of product brands of our own in association with strategic partners. Further, we are working on taking the business online to make premium design services available to a larger customer base," concludes Kunal.

Kunal Sehdev, Co-Founder & Chief Design Strategist
Office: Delhi
Offerings: Product design, branding, packaging design, photography, web and more