Liveon Healthcare: Discovering New Opportunities in Women's Health

Brahmdev Pandey,   Founder & MD

Brahmdev Pandey

Founder & MD

Women throughout her life span may come across many unique health concerns, menstrual cycles, hygiene issues, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, and that's just the beginning. There are a number of health issues which are more common and affect only women generally starts from hormones and nutritional deficiencies. What's more, despite of careful diet plans their additional nutritional requirements vary from age to age and circumstances. Many disorders and diseases affect women differently which may require distinct and focused treatments. Currently many pharmaceuticals are working on in women's health and care.

With the vision to become a pioneer in the women's Health space, Liveon Healthcare prudently sought to understand the supportive care & women's need with its advanced quality products. Liveon is putting great efforts to develop innovative and high end quality products for women. Liveon began with a small yet experienced and devoted team members and since its inception company has attracted and nurtured the talents. While focusing on Health related well being of women Liveon is expanding in many rural and urban cities now.

Currently liveon is managing its operations across country with one of the top distribution and logistics channel partner with more than 20 CFAs in wide array of locations for timely delivery of products and services. "We believe in provision of innovation with quality services for effective care of women's health", conveyed by Brahmdev Pandey, Founder & MD of Liveon Healthcare. The company's wide range of products focuses on Infertility issues of female & male patients, hormonal & nutritional support during pregnancy, lactation and various phases of women's life.

A few years ago, when Liveon started its journey there was a dire need to develop innovative products and to bridge the treatment gap that was present between the doctors and the patients. Liveon addressed this issue promptly by developing new concepts and formulations to provide high quality, high efficacy and innovative medication for therapeutic purpose.

For instance, Pregnancy is a time to focus on health & eating habits extremely well. Even after much better care, there are times when soon to be mothers may be lacking important nutrients to suffice increasing demand of rapidly developing baby. A leading cause of pregnancy complications is poor nutrition. Poor nutrition leads to preterm birth, pregnancy-induced hypertension or preeclampsia, IUGR, perinatal mortality/morbidity, RPL, even some times maternal Death.

To overcome these issues, Liveon has developed many products one of them is Preglive kit, a unique combination of all
essential nutrients as per ICMR guidelines for Pregnant women in one package.

Ovasital-F tablets, the company's another innovative product with first time in India combination with Melatonin, was launched for PCOS patients. Ovasital-F's unique combination works on all parameters of PCOS and has all round role in management of PCOS either it may be insulin resistance, psychological disorders, hormonal disorder or reproductive disorders. Ovasital-F has significant result on the overall process of menstrual cycle and ovulation in PCOS patients who are suffering from infertility. By serving these types of products, the company is giving liveliness to society.

In addition, recently company has launched a unique and innovative product Feedbibz granules, a product for lactation insufficiency. For those mothers who are unable to feed their new born babies and suffering with emotional stress. Feedbibz has tremendous result and providing such mothers a complete feeling of motherhood and happiness.

Innovation and newness is in our DNA, we introduced many brands for first time in India, thus providing doctors with immense opportunities to proudly serve their patients” says Founder & MD of Liveon, Brahmdev Pandey

As per WHO in India a large number of women suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss so to overcome this and for a lively motherhood Liveon has recently launched Dydroliv tablets.

Hygiene is also a serious concern for our society particularly the female hygiene is always neglected specially in small cities and towns. So to keeping this in mind Liveon also caters Vgdeo Spray, an intimate hygiene product for female, it's unique formulation protects from UTI and other bacterial and fungal infection and very easy to use and no need to wash so during travelling and working women can also use it.

These are only examples every product of Liveon comes with such innovation and uniqueness. "Innovation and newness is in our DNA, we introduced many brands for first time in India and allowing doctors to proudly serve their patients” says Brahmdev. Liveon Healthcare, a women-focused healthcare company, provides a full range of products with novel approach for women of all ages.

With the help of such innovative and quality products, the company is giving a complete solution of women problems and strengthening their lives. A large number of Doctors across country are using Liveon's products and passing benefits to their patients and improving health related quality of life of women. Liveon's goal is to improve the lives of women, to satisfy doctors' need by catering innovative products time to time for different ailments and to contribute in the formation of a better healthcare ecosystem for Indian women.

With this fastest expanding category of women's healthcare, Liveon hopes to preserve its reputation as one of the fastest growing organisations and aspires to be one of the top five Gynec company in India within five years.

Currently, the focus of company is on increasing team strength so that they can serve a large number of healthcare professional across India and can assist health care professional for betterment of life of Indian women across country. Company's aim is that when there is matter of women health Liveon and Its products come first.

Liveon believes in 'Karma' i.e. continuous work and in future company will come with more innovative products in different healthcare segments to serve the nation by improving life of patients.