Mancunianz: A One-Stop Shop For All Digital - Content & Marketing Needs

Ashonal Pereira,   Co-Founder & CEO

Ashonal Pereira

Co-Founder & CEO

Today the digital marketing industry is expected to grow from $346.12 billion in 2021 to $383.67 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8 percent. The industry is flapping its wings across all sectors and industries in India, given the digital era we live in. The power of digital marketing allows geophysical barriers to disappear making all consumers and businesses on earth potential customers and suppliers. It is known for its ability to allow businesses to communicate and form a transaction anywhere and anytime. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers. This also includes communication through text or multimedia messages. Digital content and marketing have become common techniques, and consumers now expect and rely on them as a way to learn about brands. It has become easier with the widespread presence of digital marketing to create and experiment with marketing tactics on a given budget. However, the technical aspects play a major role when it comes to communicating the brand motive with the target consumers. For this, the strategic inputs need to be accurately placed to be able to cut through the competing brands.

For most brands, the most challenging aspect is managing it all from different vendors. There is so much that goes into Digital: Content & Marketing like web design & development, web & mobile apps, AR-VR-MR, branding, digital & social media marketing, influencer marketing, online press releases, content production, digital brand films, webinars, content & performance marketing and many more. Going to different vendors and having their expectations met precisely is a lot of hard work for the clients. Started in Jan 2020, Mancunianz is a global player and a one-stop shop for all digital: content & marketing Needs.

Led by a Creative Team of Experts
The agile & versatile team at Mancunianz is the one to be credited for, that goes miles to meet the client’s expectations. Client expectations change with the fast-pacing environments that demand creative content and beyond-thebox solutions. Digital marketing can be a tricky concept, no ‘one-fits-all’ strategy works out the best for all clients. The industry type, the target consumers, the brand motive and much more goes into a custom made strategy formulation that is carefully crafted to suit
the client’s business model and helps him communicate with his customers.

The process starts with establishing a deeper understanding of the client’s expectations and goals. To comply with the same, the creative team of experts at Mancunianz ensure that the goals are properly communicated. Then, comes the core content part that forms the epicenter of everything that follows. However, simpler the process of content creation may seem, there is a lot of creativity that goes into it, for the brand to stand out among its contemporaries and yet deliver its motive to the target customer.Branding, website/app design & development, digital & social media marketing, influencer marketing and so on, are all aspects that are taken care of at the company’s end to showcase creative content. Then comes digital marketing, for it all goes vague if tactical measures are not adopted to make the content reach the target consumer. Social media marketing, digital marketing campaigns, content & performance marketing, and influencer marketing among the many are the major tactics today that target a larger demographic, given a larger participation audience on digital platforms. Generating prospective leads becomes easy and consumer loyalty coupled with brand advocacy is the target for brands to build an emotional connect with the consumers for repeated purchases”,says Ashonal Pereira, Co-founder & CEO of Mancunianz.

Mancunianz helps its clients with all aspects of creative content creation & onward digital platform based marketing. The inhouse team of experts and their diverse expertise across all sectors of the industries makes it possible to meet the client’s expectations each time. Brand advertisement, event marketing & media planning are also some of the roles that the company majors in.

The ultimate goal is to be recognized as a leading player with a global infrastructure as India continues to be the powerhouse for creative content production

Planning To Indulge in Strategic Tieups, Global Expansion & PR Activities
Started in Jan 2020, before the pandemic hit almost all sectors, it was difficult for Mancunianz to maintain physical touch with the clients and its own team, as the onboarding was online. However, Covid-19 did strengthen the digital marketing sector as all businesses moved online, and began operating digitally. This helped the company acquire more clients domestically and internationally. Mancunianz was initially started to address the gaps in the existing industry that failed to address the exact client’s expectations of creativity and to explore the opportunities that lay within it. Most of the big players are targeting domestic clients but Mancunianz plans to target international markets and expand to newer horizons. Starting with four co-founders and building a team of 80+ people since inception, has been a dream run for the company and it further targets growth with expansion plans in the future.

The vision for Mancunianz is to have a global presence and build an international infrastructure. It further plans to indulge in PR activities and strengthen its core, both on the product and the services front as well. It wants to build teams and grow with its clients. It wants to continually invest in its resources to take the lead and offer businesses the ROI they expect.