Mandelia Engineering Works (MEW): An Innovator in the Sawing & Tooling Industry

Rahul Mandelia,  OwnerThe demand for cutting equipment in the Indian market is increasing drastically from various industries day by day mainly because of the growth of manufacturing process. The cutting tools market size was $77.24 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $101.48 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.2 per cent during the forecast period. The Indian cutting tools market produces a wide range of tools such as saw blades, taps, reamers, hobs, chasers, broaches, rolling dies, drills, end mills, cutters, burrs, other gear cutting tools, tool bits, tips or inserts and many more. These cutting tools are used to remove material from the metallic work piece by the removal of material.

While the need for cutting tools by manufacturing companies is increasing, Mandelia Engineering Works (MEW) has been playing a crucial role in delivering highquality and reliable cutting tools. MEW is a front runner in the Sawing and Tooling Industry. MEW has a capacity to produce tailored circular blades up to 3200mm diameter and long blades up to 5500mm in single length to suit a wide range of cutting applications in diverse industries (steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, paper, rubber, food).

Unmatched Robust Products
At MEW the paramount importance is placed on offering high quality products consistently. To achieve standard quality, the company has conducted thermal and stress tests of hundreds of materials. They have correctly chosen the most optimum materials for its products from some of the best steel plants across the world. The entire production process takes place in its facilities which enables them to constantly monitor all phases of the manufacturing process to ensure compliance to its rigorous quality standards.

MEW produces a wide range of industrial machine including saws, blades and knives for processing Metal (Ferrous, Non-Ferrous), Wood, Plastic, Paper, Rubber and Food. The most sought products among the range of products is the Hot Saw and Cold Saw Blades (up to 3200mm diameter) used in steel rolling mills for hot cutting at temperatures above 600°C and for cold cutting up to 250°C. The company's slicer and peeling knives (up to 5500mm length) are the preferred choice for some of the biggest Veneer and Plywood manufacturers globally. HSS Segmental Saw Blades (up to 2000mm diameter) produced by us are recognized as the superior blade for heavy metal cutting in cold conditions. It also develops tungsten carbide tipped circular saws (up to 1500mm diameter), which is used in some of the most demanding cutting applications for wood, non-ferrous and ferrous metal, plastic and paper cutting.

A Competitive Edge
The company understands that each customer has different cutting conditions
and production demands. To meet individual customer's demands,the company lays emphasis on individual engineering. Irrespective of whether or not its customer wants to reduce cost per cut, or is seeking an inexpensive product for simple sawing tasks or wants to increase production speed thereby reducing delivery lead time, the team at MEW provides the precise solution for every requirement. "We are striving to increase efficiency and optimize our processes in order to raise the productivity in our own and our customers' operations.

We use highly specialised techniques to produce blades for extremely long service lives, very precise cuts, and the least tendency to form cracks”, Rahul Mandelia, Owner of MEW. The company is revolutionizing its designing, programming, and producing standard and bespoke tools with cutting-edge CAD-CAM technology. The firm has a central tool repository to assure consistency between production lots and maintains the stringent standards required to meet the needs of the professionals who use its products by using premium materials such as ceramics and polycry stalline diamond(PCD) in its products.

Mandelia credits the success of the company to its highly skilled team that works round the clock. The company's production team uses its combined experience of more than 20 years to consistently supply maximum performance.

We use highly specialised techniques to produce blades for extremely long service lives, very precise cuts, and the least tendency to form cracks

A Case in Study
Mandelia has developed various products according to clients' requirements. In one instance, a client requested for a hot saw blade. Clients had suggested a few parameters as to how their saw blade should be. For example, size: 1219.20mm x 8mm thickness x 368.3mm x 200z, cutting temperature: 700°c, total cutting time: 160 hours, cost of the blade: INR 26200, RPM: 1200, total production: 2000 MT, cost of production per MT: 13.10.

MEW was able to exceed the client's expectation by developing powerful hot saw blades. The results obtained with MEW Hot Saw Blades: SIZE: 1219.20MM X 8MM THICKNESS X 368.3MM X 200Z , COST OF THE BLADE: INR 26200, RPM: 1200, TOTAL CUTTING TIME: 210 HOURS, TOTAL PRODUCTION: 2596 MT, CUTTING TEMPERATURE: 700°C, COST OF PRODUCTION PER MT: 10.09.

The Road to Success
The research and development team work continuously on developing and improving their products. The technicians communicate with the machine builders and raw material suppliers simultaneously to optimize the performance of its tools and ensure it is properly matched to the machine and application. This has helped in improving and widening MEW's range of products.

Established in the year 2012 as a trading company, MEW later decided to step into manufacturing in the year 2014. It has achieved an average annual growth rate of 69.12 percent over the past three years. Apart from domestic sales the company at present is exporting to over 25+ countries. "We are soon going to launch high quality Diamond blades for cutting granite, stones, marbles in the Building Material Industry and large diameter abrasive cutting wheel for hot and cold cutting in the Steel Industry”.The company has not stopped, despite the COVID crisis; the company is still investing and growing. It is now looking to move its production facility to a much bigger area of 10,000m2. The team has started exporting in 2019 and in order to be closer to its customers, they are looking to open an office in UAE as well.