Mani Mamallan: The Architect behind Indian ATM Systems

Mani Mamallan,FounderAs an employee, work like an entrepreneur and as an entrepreneur work like an employee" believes Mani Mamallan, a staunch Gandhi anand a believer of resilient vision, endurance and innate values, who has inculcated the same ideals& principles in his journey as an entrepreneur. He is the proud founder of Electronics Payments and Services (EPS), a leading payment system startup that specializes in Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Operations & Outsourcing and other fintech managed services for a majority of banks in India.

Redefining Modern Day Banking
Well-recognized in the fintech space for his profound knowledge, innovative ideas and ingenuity in retail banking & microfinance domain earned over three decades, Mamallan is considered a pioneer, as he spearheaded the conceptualization of transaction-based ATM Outsourcing model which drove the Ministry of Finance to introduce brown label ATMs across India. Thanks to his talented, committed, hard working and dedicated workforce, whom he deems as his greatest asset, Mamallan is the most relaxed
person in the office, who can attend various associations and wear multiple hats such as the Founding Member & Director of Confederation of ATM Industry (CATMi), a non-profit association incepted solely to guard & promote the interests of the Indian ATM industry; the first regional board member in the India chapter of the global ATM Industry Association (ATMIA); as well as a member of Payments Council of India and Internet And Mobile Association of India. Swadhan, the first Indian shared payment network by India Switch Company also was a formula from Mamallan's gamut of ideas.

Mamallan has given absolute freedom to his offsprings to become what they aspire to be since he firmly believes that today ‘s generation is capable of taking their own life decisions

Embracing Entrepreneurship
Pouring all his profound experience and industry expertise into his company, Mamallan has molded EPS to have a firm reputation of delivering quick & reliable business services to most Public Sector Banks pan India. He has once again proved his proficiency by successfully installing over 4,200 ATMs in rural & urban areas as a part of Indian Government's Financial Inclusion and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Scheme. Under his leadership, EPS has tripled its profits & turnovers, overcoming challenges such as raising funds and building required
infrastructure & a stable team with updated knowledge. Mamallan attributes this grand success to all the experts & investors who have assisted him in shaping the company's success story. "This could only be achieved with the support of our stakeholders for our network expansion; our clients being the most important.Despite ever-changing industry standards, market trends and volatility in demand-supply analysis, we succeed to reaffirm our commitment to each patron in the value chain," says Mani Mamallan.

Endeavoring to keep his family happy, unlike other entrepreneurs who insist on grooming their children to follow their footsteps, Mamallan has given absolute freedom to his offspring to become what they aspire to be, since he firmly believes that today's generation is capable of taking their own life decisions. Despite his busy schedule, Mamallan makes time to travels to many tourist destinations along with family; Hawaii being his favourite. When it comes to food, thayirsadam (curd rice) appeals the most as it keeps him connected to the roots of his native place. Mamallan is also a skilled writer, who often sinks into his poetic world while writing storylines, poetries or blogs, as he believes it refines & redefines one's soul and existence.

Being a gifted entrepreneur himself, Mamallan says that for every potential entrepreneur, primary attributes like being a self- starter, a leader and the courage to take risks is a must. It is the person's expertise & skill-sets that define him/her and having a vision with a plan, call-to-action, strong network and empathy amplifies the person's chances of being a successful entrepreneur.