Mediamix: Holistic & Diversified Marketing & Advertising Solutions

Ajit Srivastava, Founder & Brand Strategist

Ajit Srivastava

Founder & Brand Strategist

Marketing has always been a key component for businesses in order to create a lasting and fruitful relationship with customers. With the ingress of the Internet, there has been a rise in the digital avenues of reaching consumers, paving the way for digital marketing to become the go-to strategy for most brands and companies. This trend only grew stronger as the pandemic hit and most businesses turned to digital marketing owing to its cost effectiveness. Ajit Srivastava, Founder & Brand Strategist, Mediamix believes that this is a complicated situation and digital strategies alone cannot be the frontrunner in the long term.

The advertising maven has thus founded Mediamx, which takes a holistic approach to marketing and provides an array of solutions ranging from television, digital and influencer marketing. The Delhi based agency provides clients with timeline driven work and is a one stopshop for all marketing needs.

Timely Delivery Focused Services
Ajit was a part of the mainstream advertising industry for over a decade. All along his 11 year long stint, he noticed that there existed a gap between client expectations and delivery. He also perceived that clients require a helping hand when it comes to different activities.

But this is not the case with Mediamix. The company ensures to deliver output that matches the client expectations as discussed in the initial stages. "We might not be the most creative agency in India, but we are known for delivery. Delivery is our primary focus," says Ajit. The agency excels at services including print (outdoor, newspaper ads), digital, social media, performance marketing, digital PR and digital collaborations like influencer marketing. It has worked on a couple of TV ads and has collaborated with TV shows.

Mediamix analyses the client's requirements along with taking into account how the market is behaving considering a particular product and service

Mediamix also ensures to provide work on time. It has created an in house system through which planning of the work is done so that everything gets executed on time and the client feels satisfied. The company analyses the client's requirements along with taking into account how the market is behaving considering a particular product and service,both geographically and emotionally. Once the deliberation is done, a framework is made and shown to the client. This is followed by the main concept execution. Lastly, a performance evaluation and analysis is conducted.

The Future Roadmap Ahead:
Mediamix hasbeen associated with most of its current clients from day one. Gradually yet steadily the agency has developed expertise in working with varied industry verticals including real estate, FMCG, edtech, healthcare and fashion to name a few.

Gaining a strong clientele, the company's revenues have been steadily growing YoY. Starting out as a small team of three, Mediamix has now become a 32 member strong team. By the end of 2022, the agency is looking forward to increasing the team size to over 50. It aims to hire more talented people and wants to explore different industry verticals as well. "We want to create an agency where creativity and delivery become the primary goal," concludes Ajit.