Medisys Edutech: Enhancing Quality & Reach of Knowledge through Innovative Use of Technologies

 M N Rao  , Chairman & CEO

M N Rao

Chairman & CEO

Medical and healthcare education in India is hampered by inadequate teaching staff, and inconsistent standards. MediSys EduTech Private Limited was established with the vision of harnessing Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in various ways to partially address the issue. The company is engaged in the development of comprehensive, curriculum-based teaching and self learning aids. Taken together, these aids can help improve faculty efficiency, asset productivity and learning outcomes. The consequences can be far reaching the aids are essentially packages of carefully gathered/enhanced academic materials of a wide variety set in the design and a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows easy access and interfaces, flexible deployment and quick updates.

A new competency based medical education model is now being implemented across India. MediSys has responded quickly to capture the vital elements of the design. The company's new offerings make Curriculum Based Medical Education(CBME) implementation swift in letter and spirit. Faculty adoption is likely to be easier and more successful with these aids.

The new generation of students is accustomed to longer hours spent on watching electronic screens learning happens via materials that are less textheavy. A range of richly illustrated/annotated audiovisuals help in enhancing comprehension, improving clinical instincts and practicing readiness. Revisions for test preparation are also easier. Assessments can include a wider range of inquiry into competency gained.

The cloud based product is agnostic of devices that a student use. But in exceptional
situations, a device based product can also be offered by the company. Either way, the idea is to first help a teacher deliver better in terms of how classes can be organized/sequenced given the materials that can be summoned to the screen. On the other hand the objective is also to help in scheduling remedial/supplementary education, largely set in a small group context alongside self learning.

MediSys works closely with educational institutions and subject matter experts to track changes in curriculum, law or practice and incorporate the appropriate inputs and produce updates on regular basis

In medicine, teachers and students can both access lecture notes, audio visual exhibits, animations, videos, illustrations, and others, covering all subjects, for both standard class sessions, labs and Early Clinical Exposure(ECE)modules. However, only faculty has access to bedside clinical modules, notes and guidelines for holding small group discussions, conducting training for certifiable skills and assessments.

MediSys has thus far completed the complete packages for medicine, dentistry nursing and homeopathy. It has also completed over a dozen longer duration Continuing Medical Education(CME)courses, essentially for General Practitioners(GP)and built a sophisticated course administration capability.

During the next year or 15 months MediSys intends to complete building similar packages for undergraduate Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Ayurveda. It also intends building complete e-Learning courses for essential paramedical programmes, in line with the requirements specified by the Healthcare Sector Skills Council(HSSC). MediSys has gathered and nurtured a unique set of capabilities. Domain familiarity on the one hand, multimedia/ICT talent on the other. It has the potential to impact health care education as we know now.

M N Rao holds a Bachelor's degree(BE)in Electrical Engineering from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, and a Master's in Management from McGill University Montreal, Canada. As an industry expert M N Rao has a successful track record of heading various respectable positions in various Indian and multinational companies and achieving success and recognition with various startups. He has over 34 years of experience covering Finance and General management functions in a very diverse set of businesses, and in global corporations. His last two assignments were with Siemens and with the Tatas as Executive Vice President (Finance) of Siemens India during the late nineties, and as MD/CEO of Siemens Shared Services, thereafter he was the MD/CEO of Tata Business Support Services Ltd (TBSS).

Office: Hyderabad
Offering: UGMed, UGDental, UGHomeo, UGNursing, UGAyurveda, and various other digital question banks