MetaDesign Solutions: Empowering People to Reach their Full Potential, Personally & Professionally

Amit Gupta ,Co-Founder & CTO

Amit Gupta

Co-Founder & CTO

The roots of a service organization’s success lie in employing the right set of people who are not only talented, but also have the right attitude to serve the customers. To ensure that their employees reach their true potential, service organizations should shoulder the responsibility of alleviating the stress of its employees. MetaDesign Solutions is one such organization that runs multiple programs to ensure that its employees maintain a good work-life balance, remain healthy and have effective financial plans, besides laying immense emphasis on ascertaining their career growth. “Without good engineers, we will not be able to impress the customers or get repeat business. Hence, we keep our people happy by implementing carefully drafted HR policies,” remarks Amit Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO, MetaDesign Solutions.

The company offers a wide range of benefits such as health insurance, employee discount with partners such as health check-up companies, provident fund, compassionate leave, maternity, paternity & adoption leaves, allowances for expenses, commute allowance, recreational facilities like outdoor table tennis court, cab service & food during off hours and cafeteria services, where its people can order lunch and get snacks on a subsidized rate. MetaDesign is a women-friendly workplace that has implemented a women cell and allows them to work-from-home whenever necessary.

In fact, three out of the eight top management positions at the company are occupied by women leaders. Having 300+ employees spread across nine locations worldwide, MetaDesign not only provides on-site opportunities to its people, but also permits them to work from any of its location that the employees deem convenient. It is these out-of-the-box ideas that have facilitated the company to maintain an impressive attrition rate of less than five percent.

Nurturing Overall Growth
With a deep commitment towards nurturing its employees’ overall growth – personally & professionally, MetaDesign purchases learning plans created by experts from different vendors to ensure continuous learning. Besides challenging them to explore new avenues, the company also regularly conducts leadership development programs and sponsors all of its employees to get a certification of their choice from any vendor.
Moreover, every employee at MetaDesign participates in one or more Knowledge Sharing Groups, where people continuously post questions to challenge others as well as to share knowledge.

Further motivating them to put their best foot forward, MetaDesign has a unique recognition plan, where all the top performers get to take part in a quarterly lucky draw with prizes that include ten refill tickets for the winner and one ticket for the rest of the top performers. The monthly team-wise get-together parties serve as yet another knowledge sharing platform, beside strengthening team bonding and helping them relieve stress. Taking it a step further, the company doesn’t stop with inviting its employees’ families to attend its annual events, but even organizes an annual event around children’s day dedicated for children, and a full family event around new year.

With a deep commitment towards nurturing its employees’ overall growth – personally & professionally, MetaDesign purchases learning plans created by experts from different vendors to ensure continuous learning

A Culture of Respect
The core service values of MetaDesign revolve around ownership and self-reputation. Its employees are encouraged to take part in the decision-making process and take ownership for it, all the while keeping in mind that even a minute misstep would hurt the reputation of the organization and oneself. “An employee associated with BMW cannot have a ‘chaltha’ attitude, because the brand has a lot of reputation attached to it. Likewise, our team is taught to take every step carefully. And if the customer is not happy with the outcome, he/she should take it seriously and relate that to one’s own self-respect. It’s a culture that runs from top to down,” explains Sunil. Following open door policy in the truest sense, MetaDesign’s leadership team remains extremely approachable to its people, wherein they don’t even need to set-up appointments in advance.

Although the overlap between their previous experiences and their role at MetaDesign is taken into consideration while hiring experienced professionals, the predominant quality sought from them is their attitude towards work & services and their sense of ownership. For freshers, MetaDesign conducts technology-agnostic interviews, where the candidates are assessed based on their willingness to explore various programming languages, comfort level while writing codes and ability to think outside the box. MetaDesign prefers candidates who are capable of breaking bigger problems into smaller chunks and solve them one at a time dauntlessly to find a solution to the bigger problem. “We treat our new joiners just like how we treat a guest at our home – taking care of their food, residence and so on. They are treated with full respect,” remarks Sunil.


Amit Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO
Amit is adept in Strategic Planning and Project Management with 18+ years of industrial cross-functional exposure. He is an Engineer by professional who completed his graduation from Delhi College of Engineering. He is responsible for delineating the road map for all innovation, operations, delivery and sales activities at MetaDesign Solutions.

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