Model N: A Work Environment That Fosters Compassion & Empathy With Communication At Its Score

Rajalakshmi Sivanand,Sr. Director - Human Resources

Rajalakshmi Sivanand

Sr. Director - Human Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to dramatic changes in nearly every aspect of daily life. The global lockdown and travel bans have upended assumptions about the nature of work and corporate interactions. It has had tremendous effects on workplace culture, and people have discovered remote working is here to stay, whether full-time or in a hybrid capacity. As companies adjusted to operate during a pandemic and prepare for recovery, it has become increasingly important for organizations to keep up with the needs of the workplace and the changing dynamics. Model N quickly moved to a remote work model, providing all employees with the resources and ongoing support needed to do their jobs successfully anywhere they are located. Company executives have embraced opportunities to engage with employees on a regular basis through monthly town halls, all-hands meetings and office hours to maintain strong connections and communication with employees and to ensure that employees have the tools and information necessary to stay productive and engaged during this unprecedented time.

Model N is customizing jobs to suit changing needs. Established in 1999, Model N offers a full suite of innovative revenue management solutions for Life Sciences and High-Tech manufacturing companies. Apart from cutting-edge work, Model N lays its emphasis on providing a positively thriving work culture where each employee feels valued, heard and recognized. Employees are at the heart of the company’s success and biggest value creators for Model N, and the company’s focus is on building the culture that people want to be a part of because of the opportunity to make a big impact. Model N fosters a culture where passion, respect and contributions are embraced, and employee appreciation is expressed through recognition of their good work, confirming their work is valued by the organization. Model N’s culture is driven by a set of core values called DARE (Dream, Align, Respect, and Excel), wherein each aspect reflects on every practice of the organization.

Employee Wellness, Care and Balance
Model N strives to build the organization by prioritizing its people. The organization is taking all the possible measures to support the well-being and efficiency of its global employee population. Especially considering the current situation where the organization has adopted remote working and allows employees to work from home, employee engagement and well-being have become the key aspect for the organization. As they started to adjust to working from home, the company wanted to ensure that employees had proper facilities and space that allowed them to give their best. So, reimbursements were provided so that employees could purchase equipment to set up their workspace at home. And Model N is continuing to support the virtual workforce with generous reimbursement practices that total up to $500USD per quarter. Model N is also providing financial support to the workforce in times of need by reimbursing any COVID-related outpatient expenses. Their medical insurance is the most liberal and employee friendly policy, which not only covers them but also the rest of the family as well. Very recently Model N also organized a vaccination drive for its employees in Hyderabad at their new office at Raheja Mindspace.

Raji Sivanand, the HR leader at Model N India, says, “The focus is always on nurturing a culture and leading through compassion and empathy.” Currently, work-life balance is one of the key benefits today's employees seek
from their organizations. When an employee is bounded by rigid work hours, they spend more time looking at the clock than actually being productive. As a result, their deadlines take a hit, and, consequently, the quality of work decreases considerably. The organization is embracing the work-life balance, instead of managing a workforce with a one-size-fits-all approach. The organization offers a flexible working schedule, enabling employees to work when they are most productive. Considering the need to balance work and life, in this model of working, the company also provides employees with “wellness days,” four-day weekends and “No Meeting Wednesdays.”

Model N offers a full suite of innovative revenue management solutions for Life Sciences and High-Tech manufacturing companies

During the course of the year, various health and wellness sessions were created, and employees participated with enthusiasm. The Employee Assistance Program is a boon for many. Very recently on International Yoga Day, the company also kicked off virtual yoga sessions for its employees.

Great Culture and Dedicated Leadership Team
The vision of Model N management is to foster diversity and belonging in our workplace, building on our values to create a culture of trust, transparency and communication to maximize the employee experience. Even during the pandemic, the company continued to grow and hire new talent and takes pride in the fact that almost 40% of their hiring is women. The company’s campus placement program ensured they hired talent from across the country to make their workforce more diverse and inclusive.

The members of the senior leadership team of Model N play a comprehensive role, ensuring the productive functioning of the business and at the same time creating a culture that people want to be a part of. The greatest influence and the driving force of the organization is the CEO, Jason Blessing, who enthusiastically supports the pursuit of the common good of the workforce. “When we create programs that promote a great employee experience for all and prioritizes our fundamental commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, we are able to create a world-class work environment that fosters growth, impact and well being for all our employees,” said Laura Selig, Chief People Officer. Model N has an ILC (India Leadership Council), which is an important element wherein the members work in close alignment and discuss every aspect of the leadership activity to enhance the internal and external policies that are beneficial to the purpose, culture and changing circumstances of the organization.

Key India HR Leader
Rajalakshmi Sivanand- Sr. Director-Human Resources at Model N
Bringing two decades of expertise across a multi-cultural environment in Strategic HR Management with key focus on building HR practices, organization development, and change management. Driving HR initiatives to realize bottom-line results and enhance employee engagement in the pursuit of organizational objectives

Offices: India, North America, and Europe
Offerings: Product Development, Global Cloud Technology Services, Global Customer Success, Professional Services, Managed Services & Support, Education Services, Express for Pharma & MedTech, and LS Strategic Services.

Employees Speak
Srikanth Araveti, who joined the company as a senior engineer and moved up the ranks through his dedication and hard work, says: “Reflecting on my journey with Model N, I feel the company has provided me the opportunities to excel at my work and grow in my career. I am a software architect and take pride in the fact that my work makes an impact on customers. The wonderful work culture, the feeling of belonging and being heard, and the focus on employees, even more during this year, make Model N truly unique.”

Varsha Sinha, who is an engineer and new mother, says: “I have worked in many employee- friendly companies, but Model N truly enhanced my experience. Model N has employee focus in itws DNA. You feel valued and want to give your best, always. During the pandemic, especially because I am a working mother, the wellness days were a welcome relief. It has made it easier for women like me to balance and go that extra mile to contribute at work.”

Bhuvana Pidathala, a new hire who joined the company during the pandemic, says: “Even though I joined the company during the pandemic, the entire onboarding experience was outstanding. The culture of the company can be felt right from the beginning. It has been a smooth ride, with frequent check-ins, team interactions, engagement activities, an open environment, and support. I feel that I made the right choice in joining Model N; it is truly the best place to work.”