Model N: Cultivating an Open, Honest & Collaborative Working Environment

Laura Selig,  SVP & Chief People Officer

Laura Selig,SVP & Chief People Officer

In today’s information age, working individuals spend almost one-third of their lives at their workplace with a major part of their productive lives dedicated to their organizations. Thus, they fancy for an ideal company that engender a fun work culture, career enhancement and a sound work-life balance. But unfortunately, a perfect blend of all these three ingredients is scant, where many-a-time, negative work culture and poor employee experience become inconvenient mandates in the journey towards the company’s success. Model N, a leading Revenue Management solutions provider for the life sciences and technology industries, comprehends the aforementioned contexts to create a highly positive, enthusiastic and flexible environment with a strong commitment to work-life balance for employees to be productive, reliable and valued for their contributions to the company’s success. This firm takes a step forward to provide new joinees as well as existing employees a positive work culture enriched with long-term career development opportunities.

Model N India firmly stands with its core values (which define who they are and how they do business) that brings possibilities & opportunities for businesses of all sizes to maximize their revenue generation & growth, while reducing compliance risks and transforming the revenue lifecycle from inefficient disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process. Its grade platform powers Manufacturing, Pharma, Services, Medtech, Media, Communications and High Tech companies, whereas more than 49,000 users across 100 countries deployed it to manage their revenue. “chaMpioNs (as it calls its employees) are unified in a passionate commitment to delivering the best to our customers. “Having everyone in the company focused on understanding our customers and what matters to them has made us successful. At the same time, we put our employees first and focus on their job satisfaction as a #1 priority to building a work environment where people experience strong collaboration, partnership and respect. We never win alone, but always as a team,”
professes Laura Selig, SVP & Chief People Officer, Model N.

Values-Driven Work Environment
But then there’s more! With a united global workforce, Model N India strives hard to cultivate an open, honest and collaborative working environment that is both challenging and engaging. The company not just focuses on recruiting& attracting the best talent, but also helps newbies get started on the right foot and provides existing employees with tools/resources to be successful. This heritage inclined to employee lane offers the best career development plans with plethora of skill & experience oriented growth opportunities while empowering them to challenge their status quo, bring-forth new ideas and enact change. Apart from nurturing employees on recent technologies, Model N renders them open forums for feedback /communication, wherein each associate is connected with business partners twice in a year.

"Team. I am looking forward to completing more of these service milestones, while I continue to leverage my knowledge and skills to achieve the team and Model N goals. Thank you all, for all your innovative ideas towards making Model N a better place to work.– A proud chaMpioNs

With the statement ‘why we do what we do’, the venture underlines its goal to bring exceptional people together in a value-driven work environment where every individual feels challenged, motivated and inspired to do the best work of their career. Model N establishes a sustained relationship with top universities and has strict referral program (accounts 30 percent of hires) to select experienced/fresh candidates, wherein it uses gamification as part of hiring practice. Furthermore, its talent acquisition team leaves no stone unturned to bring the right resources on the desk while giving them good interview experiences. The leadership connect with current & potential chaMpioNs establishes good confidence on the strategy, direction and road map of the company.

Engaging Employees
On the other hand, this global organization doesn’t miss any occasion to celebrate and engage with its chaMpioNs. Along with WFH option, flexible working hours (no time-in, time-out recorded) and liberal leave policies, staff are encouraged to take vacation to de-stress themselves in order to maintain balance between their work and personal life. Besides CSR activities (Samarthan), the company also creates a bond among its chaMpioNs by conducting various cultural & sport activities, including Model N Premier League & Badminton
championships. In fact, it has established a committee named ‘Fusion’ that takes care of these internal fun-filled activities. “The vibrant fun filled environment, the cultural & sports celebrations, the open communication between various teams and with HR make it easy for employees to put in productive work,” avers Laura.

Additionally, Model N India gives extra hand of care to women employees, including dedicated forums (key initiatives pertaining to their overall success are taken), alpha club (encourages & motivates women) and various mentoring/personal coaching sessions (to ensure women get the required support to grow). It dedicates entire March for women employees and shares their success stories with global employees, thereby inspiring other women across the company.

Metrics matter, but it’s the people who drive our success!
– Jason Blessing, CEO, Model N

The Way Ahead
The company that strives to become Employer of the Choice by FY2019 provokes chaMpioNs to use HR Drop box to share their inputs in an anonymous manner, which are then updated on the portal with action items & timelines for completion to bring-in transparency. Through this, Model N continuously keeps touch points with its employees on their thoughts/suggestions /ideas. Its rewards & recognition mechanisms make it an ideal ground for high performance among employees. “If we deliver excellence at each stage, we will be able strengthen your satisfaction working here and grow our reputation as a best place to work,” says Laura. “While we do a lot of activities that range from everything an employee wants from the time they are hired, to when they leave, what differentiates us is the Employee Experience that we try to focus on. Even a small task is done with great passion and that makes a big difference,” she further adds.

In coming 3-5 years, Model N aims to become a fully SaaS-based company and simultaneously started pursuing a handful of initiatives that will chart its path for sustained growth and operational improvements.

Key Management
Laura Selig, SVP & Chief People Officer
As a SVP and Chief People Officer, Laura is responsible for all aspects of company culture and employee experience, including the attraction, retention and development of extraordinary talent.

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