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Rishav Raj ,CEOToday, the millennial are well-known for their wavering mindsets, especially when it comes to switching jobs or as they call it, ‘job-hopping’. Besides, the rapid increase in number of scandals, frauds and irregularities transpiring across diverse organizations of India is quite appalling. Have you ever wondered why? This huge disconnect between employees and their organizations is due to the dearth of proper work ethics. Despite sounding clichéd, every employee ought to be imbued with essential work ethics such as punctuality & dependability, responsibility, self-motivated & positive attitude, professionalism and many more qualities to not just excel at work, but build an unbreakable bonding with the organization.

On the other hand, it is highly crucial for any organization today to never compromise on the aspect of work ethics to attain their goals. Mastering this vital aspect of work ethics is Noidabased MRE Services Pvt. Ltd. and its team of ace professionals. They are not a mere bunch of individuals working together, but a strong team united by shared values and work ethics. Rishav Raj, CEO, MRE Services India. com, adds, “Work ethics is an acquired behaviour and can’t be taught to employees. Hence, I consider them to be more important than meeting deadlines”.

To achieve the best of work ethics, Rishav ensures to maintain a positive and healthy work environment for all employees, since a fear-infused & toxic environment solely increases absenteeism, attrition and sad faces. In fact, this kind of culture is what drives its daily decisions!

Absolutely Employee-Centric
Employees at MRE Services are bestowed with a swarm of advantages that make them love their jobs. Right from an open-door policy that encourages fabulous ideas and great decisions or addresses personal issues to accountability which has resulted in excellent problem-solving skills among employees, the company has always delivered nothing less than the best to its people. Despite having designated team managers and monthly team meetings (30 minutes) to discuss their challenges, employees can speak directly with Rishav any time regarding any aspect.

With an aim to achieve greater results every single day, they are exposed to a high-octane work environment that enables them to deliver works quickly and with ease. Rishav articulates, “I enjoy being around enthusiastic and active people who are ready to undertake any challenge, and I ensure the same reflects in my behaviour every hour and every day”.

Moreover, everyone in the company’s leadership team always leads by example and imparts absolutely no bad habits. That’s the kind of excellence the entire company boasts of! Today, the company’s passionate team of professionals stands at the forefront of digital marketing industry to offer result-oriented and world-class services to clients with incredible creativity and consistent quality. These marketing services include as simple as content writing, to something as critical as e-Commerce shop management or creating niche Lead Generation Campaigns for diverse brands. In fact, over 75 percent of its client base is international brands, and working for their dynamic and highly-demanding projects bestows employees with unique learning opportunities.

At the Backend
This rich portfolio and exposure stands-out as the key factors in not only attracting new talents for the company, but also to keep the existing pool driven and hungry for more. MRE Services has always been keen on upskilling existing employees and prepares them for new roles rather than hiring a new person. Besides, the company also encourages referrals from friends & families of employees and rewards them with Rs.3,000– 15,000 based on the hiring position.

Since employees refer candidates with happiness & content and also explain the culture and expected deliverables, the hiring process becomes quite easy and eliminates the need for pre-screening them. Beyond this, the company hires people through campus placements and job postings on LinkedIn and other portals with a sole aim of maintaining a balanced team of freshers and experienced candidates.
The hiring process involves initial screening, sample work review, written test (aptitude) and final round with CEO, whereas the hiring guidelines are to hire energetic, passionate and ambitious team players who rightly understand the values & mission of the company and can become winning professionals under the right leadership. One such winning professional is Nishant (Head – Content Marketing Team, MRE Services! Despite being an untamed freelance content creator, Rishav offered him a permanent position acknowledging his zeal to learn. When the company required a senior-level employee, Rishav decided to promote him considering his upward learning curve throughout his tenure, rather than an outside employee. There are many more people like Nishant who have experienced the benefits of upskilling at the company!

MRE Services also upskills its employees through training programs conducted by dedicated, organized and well-funded learning & development team, as well as paid certification with reimbursement of tuition fees. During these training programs, a blend of automated tools and customized interaction is leveraged, while emails on news updates are shared to promote learning. The company is also planning to introduce gamification in its training process to motivate and engage employees.

Unparalleled Recognitions & Care
They say rewards & recognition are the biggest catalysts of learning for students. Well, the same applies even for employees of any organization! MRE Services organizes monthly rewards & recognition activities at Town Hall, based on individuals’ & team’s performance, and also invites their families to attend. Some of the common categories are the most punctual, rising star, and employee of the month, while team-wise categories differ. Further, the physical & mental health of employees is supported through weekly meditation sessions, fun & games and functional gym (used by 40 percent of workforce). Rishav asserts, “I always encourage people to take reading breaks and practice healthy eating”.

To achieve the best of work ethics, Rishav ensures to maintain a positive and healthy work environment for all employees, since a fearinfused & toxic environment solely increases absenteeism, attrition and sad faces

The other benefits relished by its employees are a five-day working policy with fixed weekend offs, 18 paid leaves annually, basic health insurance, maternity & paternity leaves, and a lot more. Especially, women employees are entitled to a three-month maternity leave, reimbursement of daycare facilities, flexible timings, cab facilities during night shifts, round-the-clock harassment cell, and other benefits. Moreover, as an equal opportunity provider, the company maintains a balanced ratio of men and women in the workforce, wherein three out of six members in top management are women.

What’s even more interesting is that employees of MRE Services proactively participate in CSR activities and also donate a small sum each month to recognized charities. Neha Sinha, AVP - HR, MRE Services, adds, “We distributed blankets to homeless people and air purifier masks to children.

Currently, we are distributing sanitizer kits to prevent the spread of Coronavirus”. No wonder, the company is extremely proud to have maintained a zero percent attrition rate in 2019! Clear communication is one of the prime aspects that it follows to retain employees. For instance, in 2019, when one the content writers was being poached by a different organization offering a better pay, Rishav decided to give him an immediate increment in salary recognizing his contribution to the company’s growth. When another employee was facing problems with long commute, she was bestowed with flexible timings.

This way, MRE Services has been meticulously comprehending the variegated challenges of employees and providing them viable solutions. Indeed, with no second thoughts, they are always elated and satisfied to be a part of the company! For all the budding and experienced Web Developers, PPC Specialists, Copywriters or Social Media Managers out there, this is the right time for you to become a part of MRE Services!

Key Management
Rishav Raj, CEO
Rishav is a well-versed business leader with 11+ years of experience in internet and technology based startups across different verticals like operations, project management, product management, branding, digital marketing, and website management. He has successfully escalated four startups to a sustained growth phase with his dynamic operational leadership and strategic support in uniquely challenging situations.

Kunal Dubey, VP - Operations
13+ Years of Experience in Digital Marketing

Anup Das - AVP Multimedia
11+ Years of Experience in Multimedia Production

Nishant Nishit - AVP Content Marketing
9+ Years of Experience in Content Creation

Nidhi Sood - AVP SEO
6+ Years of Experience in SEO Management

• MRE Services has a people-first approach that helps me reach my best in everything I do – Nishant.
• I love the fact that the senior-management has so many accomplished women. It's a rare sight to see – Neha
• Even though I am new, my ideas are heard and implemented – Piush

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