Mruthyunjaya Shetty: Leading Light Entrepreneur with an Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge

Mruthyunjaya Shetty,Founder & CEO

Mruthyunjaya Shetty

Founder & CEO

It was a tumultuous epoch at Silicon Valley. Startups were shooting up and crashing down in a span of two months due to dotcom bubble. Like a flower in storm, a few startups were struggling to survive. Again in 2008, the housing bubble engulfed U.S. with a financial crisis. Witnessing such catastrophes from front row seat tend to kill the entrepreneurial spirit of any typical aspiring entrepreneur. Fortunately, Mruthyunjaya (Jay) Shetty, Founder & CEO, Launchship Technologies is no typical individual. These disasters only strengthened his resolve, since he was vehemently charting out the Dos and Don'ts. It instead fired up him to upgrade his skills and shift focus on adding value to the organizations he was associated with.

"Those times taught me that investment should be done when the prices are valid properly based on strong points," reminisces Jay. During his endeavours, from good managers he learned how to treat the team with attitude and from bad managers he learned how not to. These wisdoms along with his
enthusiasm in bringing innovative technologies to management's eyes propelled him to climb up the ladder swiftly.

Though Jay didn’t expect all of his employees to have strong technical expertise. He was n’t willing to compromise on one vital requirement - attitude

Bursting the Barricades
Having earned vast expertise across Technological, Operational, Functional, Business and People Management verticals over a decade, Jay set afloat Launchship in 2011 when he decided to heed the entrepreneurial bug that has been biting him. Finance being the biggest encumbrance, he had to devise innovative approach to attract talents. Though Jay didn't expect all of them to have strong technical expertise, he wasn't willing to compromise on one vital requirement - attitude. Betting on the right horse helped him to grow a three people team into one of India's rapidly growing institution. A good case in point would be this Launchship's client, for whom it started to work with eight resources. By earning their trust, today, close to two hundred of Jay's people are working just for that individual client.

His enviable knack of managing the teams and their skill sets keep the team and clients engaged. For
instance, each team identifies a leader to mentor them, while a part of Jay's team is dedicated for R&D to keep pace with ever-evolving technical needs and freshers are kept incubated.Even for amusement, Jay chooses to rifle through technology & business articles that would keep his skills at bleeding edged.

Being his own boss, Jay always ensures that his personal life doesn't overlap with work. However, he unfailingly re-evaluates the situations to spend time with his family. Vacations with his family and Launchship family keeps Jay engaged and revitalized to reach for the sky. This venturer wishes to explore hill stations like Shimla & Darjeeling as well as African safari. Being a proud Hyderabadi, Biryani naturally holds a special place in his heart.

Take Calculated Risks
Jay suggests budding entrepreneurs to take calculated risks, outsource the processes that are not their forte and surround themselves with people who have similar ideologies. "Focus on your passion, vision and mission; money will eventually follow. Being as transparent with your team as possible would really help," he adds. This leading light entrepreneur, in future, aims to dwell deep into the gaming industry and the mobile app industry to endow his clients with the tremendous value of interesting 2D & 3D games and hybrid apps. Jay aims to establish the company as one of the leaders in the gaming market.