NatureLand Organic: Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Create Awareness about Organic Food

Arvind & Ajeet Godara,  DirectorsOrganic products shield consumers from harmful and persistent chemicals found on the farm and in food, as well as in the land they work and play in, the air they breathe, and the water they drink. Pesticides are especially harmful to children. As a result, introducing organic food and fibre products into the marketplace allows parents to select products that are free of these pollutants.

In comparison to conventionally grown fruits, vegetables, and grains, organically grown fruits, vegetables, and grains are rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, with reduced exposure to nitrates and pesticide residues. While establishing the health advantages of a particular meal is a difficult topic to answer, evidence is emerging suggesting organic products have some healthier nutrient profiles.

As a result of the understanding of healthy self-improvement demands, the choice to consume organic foods is becoming increasingly popular in today's society. Finding accurate information about organic foods, on the other hand, has always been difficult because people have opposing opinions on their overall benefits.

Established in 2002, NatureLand Organics operates on the farm-to-fork principle, ensuring that excellent food is available to all. NatureLand provides a full range of items, including spices, ghee, legumes, juices, and new generation products such as breakfast varieties and others.

NatureLand Organics is distinguished by its farming history the directors have a farming background and can actively engage
farmers in ways that benefit both farmers and society. Because the directors have farming background, they have a greater grasp of crop quality and other elements that directly or indirectly affect the quality of generated items. Speaking about the company's commitment to increasing knowledge about organic product consumption in the market, the Director of NatureLand Organics, Arvind says, "We are spreading awareness by using both traditional and social media platforms. Since we have a presence both offline and online, we use both platforms to distribute accurate information about organic food. Every day, our marketing team works on the ground and online to engage and educate people."

Develops Relevant Services
After examining the needs of the new age, NatureLand Organics creates suitable services. The company recognizes the need for ongoing innovation and, as a result, introduces high quality, 100 percent organic products to the market.

Natureland organics is dedicated to providing people with 100 percent organic food

Furthermore, the sales and delivery platforms used by NatureLand Organics are, they sell through online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Milkbasket, Grofers. The company is gaining traction on popular marketplace platforms. Retail shops and franchise centres are also used by the corporation to offer its products. Adding about the training given to the team of farmers at NatureLand Organics the Director Ajeet Godara asserts, "At NatureLand, the farmers are educated through workshops and training programmes led by team members on the ground. NatureLand also attracts a large client base, allowing them to watch the progress of NatureLand farms and farmers, through its farm traceability intervention, which provides a method to obtain an idea of its product quality, origin, and much more."

NatureLand Organics adheres to certifications such as FSSAI, ISO, and the Spices Board, and applies a vacuum packing method to assure nutritional content and product quality. NatureLand Organics is dedicated to providing people with 100 percent organic food. In addition, the company is working on traceability so that every consumer has complete infor mation about the food they eat.

Also the company believes on 'Good food for everyone'.

Arvind & Ajeet Godara,Directors, Natureland Organics
NatureLand Organics offer a complete and comprehensive range of high quality products such as spices, ghee, pulses, juices and new age products like breakfast ranges and others