Ness Digital Engineering: Engendering the Innovators & Leaders of Future Technologies

Paul Lombardo,  CEO,Narayanan Nair, CPO

Paul Lombardo, CEO

The times have changed. Gone are the days wherein the best & brightest talents fell prey to a few extra dollars that tied them to run-of-the-mill IT jobs. Today, people want to work for a company that shares their values, engages their interest, and offers opportunities to grow personally & professionally. The afore mentioned characteristics mostly resemble energetic startups, organizations that are nimble, nurture innovation and push the limits, and not the legacy organizations that over the long course of time, have gone obstinate. But imagine working in 20 years ‘young’ mid-sized MNC that still conserves the energy and wide-open possibilities of a startup, but with much more consistency. This embraces the story of the 4000+ people strong workforce of Ness Digital Engineering – a global leader in digital transformation and software engineering services.

After two decades and several revolutions in the IT industry, Ness still boasts of its entrepreneurial culture that constantly challenges its people to learn, experiment with ideas, contribute, and own responsibilities like an entrepreneur, while also savoring opportunities to climb-up the ladder at an impressive pace. Preserving such an attitude of finding happiness in its employees’ growth in tandem with the business interests over such a long period is impressive. It’s no secret sauce that makes this possible, but Ness’ vision, which is built around upholding evergreen relationships with its customers and most importantly, employees. Evenly spread across three continents (Asia, Europe & North America),its cultural diversity significantly complements this milieu inside with interesting concept exchange and idea sharing.

The entrepreneurial approach doesn’t necessarily start with the hiring process. “Instead, we have built an ecosystem that can sustain a culture of passion, collaborative learning, and initiative. We encourage & support people to learn & come-up with ideas to take the initiative. Training is just one of the elements that contribute. It’s more about creating a self-driven learning environment and encouraging people to experience building new solutions that help them find their best version of themselves–both personally & professionally. In doing so, moving away from the classic dominions, HR becomes a facilitator and learning is championed by experts from
various functions,” asserts Narayanan Nair, Chief People Officer, Ness Digital Engineering.

Although hiring unarguably is a predominant aspect in any organization’s way forward, Ness’ HR team, collaborating with other functions, has over the years excelled in hand-picking the right people. The credit goes to its stringent hiring process, which besides technical skills, makes sure that the candidate has a strong sense of curiosity and invention and is willing to learn, adapt, and grow. “The truth & transparency is of paramount importance for us. When the candidates come-in, they see what they get here,” adjoins Narayanan.

“Ness is known for its strong product engineering expertise and ability to design truly innovative software solutions at scale. Because our work is focused on digital transformation, our employees have frequent opportunities to work with cutting-edge technologies and collaborate with colleagues and clients around the globe, building solutions together that have a meaningful impact in the world. At Ness, we take collective pride in the work we do because we know how much it matters to our clients and the customers they serve.”

- Paul Lombardo, CEO, Ness Digital Engineering

Once they are a part of the Ness family, the employees are swiftly inducted into hands-on live projects, wherein state-of-the-art technologies do the talking. As Ness is one of the global game-changers who set benchmarks in Engineering Automation, Cloud & Platform Engineering, Experience Design, and Application Development, we are talking about the cutting-edge of future technologies like Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. It’s Nessians’ game. In addition to this, the employees are also provided with an opportunity to directly interact with the clients right away.

“A truly professional organization that never compromises on quality, Ness constantly works towards its vision. I get boundless fulfillment in this role, as I have the opportunity to add limitless value to the business and be a part of the success.”
- Vivek Kangath, Senior Global Manager, Ness Digital Engineering

While study after study shows that people enjoy challenging work, work-life balance has been another buzzword in the recent business discussions. As an organization that travels ahead of time, Ness has well-addressed this facet through a strategic approach, revolving around flexible work timing, distributing decision making (like leave and work from home) power to the middle management, and several innovative employee engagement & recreational activities. Putting it in a nutshell, employee
performance is based on contributions to the team and value-added.

"I enjoy my work at Ness and learn every day. You can be creative, and your suggestions are welcomed. Every employee’s contribution counts. Ness has been an excellent place to grow my career, given its collaborative culture & good work-life balance. It’s great to be a part of such an innovative & dynamic group.”

- Ivy Jacob, Manager, Software developer, Ness Digital Engineering

The company’s intact reputation as a gender-neutral equal opportunity employer is one of the greatest examples. Ness takes pride in its employee empowerment programs, starting from its experienced women leaders, who take initiative to coach & mentor budding women professionals and leaders, to several policies ensuring their safety. “In my own experience at Ness, the opportunities are open to anyone. Great ideas and contributions are truly welcomed regardless of gender,” concludes Amber Blaha, Chief Marketing Officer, Ness Digital Engineering.

Narayanan Nair, CPO

Key Management:
Paul Lombardo, CEO
Paul has more than thirty years of IT services and entrepreneurial experience across sales, delivery and business management. He has a successful track record working with Tier-1 global companies such as Andersen Consulting, Logica and EDS/Mphasis, as well as early stage,venture capital backed pursuits.

Narayanan Nair, CPO
Best known as NN, Narayanan leads organization’s Global Recruitment and Human Resources functions. He works closely with internal stakeholders and respected industry organizations to build on the Ness’ talented, global base of engineers, whose experience exceeds industry averages.

North America, Europe, India (Bangalore, Mumbai & Hyderabad), Middle East, & East Asia

•Cloud & Platform Engineering
•Big Data & Analytics
•Internet of Things
•Experience Design
•Engineering Automation
•Application Development & Maintenance
•Digital Operations