Nitin B Vyakaranam: The Battler who keeps Challenging the Status Quo

Nitin B Vyakaranam,CEO & Co - Founder

Nitin B Vyakaranam

CEO & Co - Founder

Perhaps the best way to realize a quandary and craft a solution is through getting your hands dirty. Similarly, Nitin B Vyakaranam, an engineer (Electrical and Electronic & Communication) lost substantial amount when a mutual friend sold him a ULIP policy post his return to India from U.S. He had no idea about finance products in India. The product turned out to be a fake one, and later Nitin realized that it was like 'an epidemic' in India where there was no advisor for a large section of the society. This experience was the main catalyst in Nitin's entrepreneurial journey as he originated ArthaYantra in 2007.

"I think the biggest target for an entrepreneur is to be ready for every surprise every day. So I don't recollect the day when I thought of doing something better in a better way. To me, that is the driving force that keeps me motivated to learn until the next level is reached. I believe, you should keep on learning because there will be things which will go
erroneous. Not every decision of an entrepreneur is right, but how you react for those lamentable decisions and come back is very important," believes Nitin.

The legacy that we leave is genuinely not the companies we build or the money we make but our children

The Captain
As the BFSI industry is all set to witness disruptive technologies in the coming years, under Nitin's leadership, his company has achieved an astonishing figure of more than 70,000 users spread across 600 cities in more than 30 countries. While his entrepreneurial journey started with a personal experience, this first-generation entrepreneur lacked congruous guidance and mentorship in the way towards his first venture. Yet, as fortune only favours the brave, Nitin is illuminated by his closed ones to sail through the sinuous paths of entrepreneurship.

But along with his closed ones who restrained him, while he was on the tidal voyage, his family stood by him as a pillar and his wife supported him despite of spending most of the time in office. Nitin integrates, "It's very difficult to be an entrepreneur's spouse and concurrently, the entrepreneur gets an abundance of strength from the spouse, who genuinely stands by
almost all the time. Along with that, I think, we should never take the status for granted. You should always question - asking why and why not? When we started, everyone around us daunted us but today, we've proved them wrong".

Creating Legacy of a Better World
The success saga of the entrepreneurial endeavours of Nitin is not just circumscribed to his company's growth. He also indulges in CSR activities and employee benefits along with his involvements in ISB Endowment Fund and Alumni Association that perpetuate him as a leader. And as a person he believes, "The legacy that we leave is genuinely not the companies we build or the money we make, but our children. They're our legacy. So it's consequential to cerebrate what kind of legacy you optate to leave or what do you want to teach your children like being truthful or good work ethics. And it takes a plethora of strenuous exertion to build something that sort from scratch".

As people grow, their role models change time to time. With his visions set for the company in the well being of the entire society besides bringing a new path, his spell as an entrepreneur is just not limited to the company and its failure, it's is always about Nitin's technical expertise and ardency to make a better world.