Nitin Chacko: A Maverick Enjoying an Exhilarating Ride

Nitin Chacko,Co-Founder, MD & SBU Head

Nitin Chacko

Co-Founder, MD & SBU Head

An eight hour hassle-free job at a Fortune 100 company with clear career path, where one has to do nothing but checklist activities, sounds like the dream job for any engineer.But, this monotony is what pushed Nitin Chacko, Co-Founder, MD & SBU Head, ICAN BPO, to leave his lucrative job. Conversely, during his stint at Adventity, where he was involved in challenging tasks including acquisition, process involvement, budgeting and remuneration, he had the opportunity to implement what is best for business. This made him realize the purpose of his life - entrepreneurship. Hence, when the company got acquired by Sutherland, he chose to move out and establish ICAN along with Jagdish Iyer, his boss at Adventity.

Nitin finds the journey fruitful and mesmerizing, as ICAN has dominated the SME BPO Realm with a specialized approach & strategy, and emerged as SMEs' preferred partner providing one-stop turnkey solutions for anything in outsourcing arena
across domains. Besides the successful track record of not losing a single client, ICAN has been maintaining an impressive twofold revenue growth annually.

Nitin has been groomed by wonderful bosses who have trusted him to take ownership,which allowed him to learn from mistakes

Learning from Mistakes
Nitin has been groomed by wonderful bosses, who have trusted him to take ownership, which allowed him to learn from mistakes. Sowing the same seed in his people's mind has unearthed quite a few leaders who have lived up to his expectations, but this backfires once in a while. Hence, Nitin considers this as his strength as well as weakness. "Be clear what you are getting into. Believe in your dreams and yourself. If you manage to pull 1000 days and survive for 1001th day, you know what you're doing and success is assured," he advices.

As opposed to U.S., where one can incorporate a company in three days within $300, in India the mundane processes and licenses consume ample time and money, not to mention the under the table reprobates. "The old British policies require a huge round of revolution. The tax lobby should be made into one flat flap. This will encourage
the emerging entrepreneurs to channel their energy towards the core business and improve overall Indian economy," he says. Nitin's goals are aligned with ICAN, which is moving to value based arena in the health care industry in North America by creating their own managed and self-run chain of adult day cares and recently acquiring a pharmacy making them DME (Durable Medical Equipment) licensed in 29 states, being few of their initiatives as the path into the future, while keenly growing its contact center in India and across geographies through their outsourced managed services model.

A Virtual Work-Life Balance
An adventure sports lover and driving enthusiast, Nitin have no words to express how fortunate he has been with family support, especially his better half without whom his entrepreneurial career would have been just a dream. Albeit initially, Nitin was left with no choice, currently he has been following a schedule-based time bond activity list that permits him to spend two hours at gym, pick up kid from school, take him for his sports activity, run day-to-day errands and take pet for a walk, while putting in 8-10 hours at work. However, he is there for customers via phone and emails, whenever the situation demands. He wishes his son to live his dreams that would make Nitin proud, rather than running behind success blindly. "I would be a proud parent if I get to be addressed as his father and not as our son," concludes Nitin.