North American International School: Committed to Quality Learning & Academic Excellence

 Justin McCauley,    PrincipalLearning outcomes based on an individualized focus on students from an early age is essential for students to progress on their own and become successful in their paths. North American International School (NAIS) is a family-owned educational institution in Dubai. Established in 2007, the school has grown significantly from its modest beginnings to accommodate students from 44 different nationalities. NAIS is an affordable option for families seeking quality education in Dubai, and its commitment to equity dates back to 1975 when the Al Taher family opened their first school, Arab Unity School. The school community, including students, parents, teachers, and administrators, has formed a partnership to help move the school's rating from acceptable to good. Advanced Placement options have grown significantly in the last four years, from 0 to 15 different AP Options. NAIS is accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancEd) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

North American International School (NAIS) is a unique American international school in Dubai that follows the US Common Core curriculum of the state of California. NAIS is committed to producing well rounded students who can follow their passion, with a focus on English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Next Generation Science Standards. The school offers various elective options in Fine and Performing Arts, Business and Marketing, Computer Programming, and Sports to prepare students for specific university studies. NAIS offers a wide range of educational options, including foreign language study options and multiple Advanced Placement Courses that rose from 0 to 15 in the last four years. NAIS has a small class size with a maximum of 24 students per class in Grades 1-12 and 15 students per class at the KG level. As of 2022-23, NAIS offered five languages besides English available for study, including French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic. NAIS offers a variety of extracurricular programs for its students. These programs include sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball and non-sports pursuits like STEM Club, Model UN, Environmental Clubs, and Visual and Performing Arts Clubs. NAIS offers after school tutoring to students who need additional assistance with their studies. Teachers are available to help students clarify lessons or work on concepts presented in class, and younger students are paired with older students as reading buddies or peer tutors. “Our programs are an essential part of the school culture, designed to help students develop sportsmanship,
teamwork, and a wide range of skills beyond the classroom,” says Justin McCauley, NAIS Principal.

Innovative Educational Approach
The NAIS uses an Inquiry-Based educational approach for California state standards while incorporating ProjectBased Learning Assessments. Students are expected to meet the state standards and encouraged to become self-motivated critical thinkers in a cooperative learning environment. This blend of traditional and project based assessments prepares students for standardized exams like the SAT while developing essential skills like critical thinking and communication. Overall, the North American International School's educational paradigm creates a learning environment that supports all students' development and success. NAIS individualizes each student's educational journey with small class sizes and a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8. This approach allows NAIS to meet the needs of each student, providing additional help for those who need it and allows advanced students to follow their own paths. This model has been successfully attracting students in search of academic success and helping others achieve elite levels of academic performance.

North American International School is a caring community where each individual is challenged to reach their pinnacle of success

“For example, one Grade 12 student achieved a 780 out of 800 on her Mathematics SAT exam, placing her in the top one percent globally. Another student received a perfect score on their AP Biology exam. By blending traditional and project-based assessments, we help students become well-rounded individuals who can thrive in various academic settings”, shares Justin.

Inclusive Admission Policies
NAIS's inclusive admission policy accepts students based on their willingness to work hard and be part of the community. The school does not exclude students who present with learning difficulties or disabilities and the focus on developing options for students comes from the school's individualized approach to education. NAIS maintains a small school and a family atmosphere that has led to its success. Parents have access to teachers and administrators through the school's open-door policy, and students have access to free tutoring after school if needed and teachers, counselors, and administrators support students to achieve their best. The school is committed to creating the next generation of mathematicians, writers, and scientists.

In the future, NAIS will see continued measured growth, maintain its small school environment and prioritize student and staff well-being. The school will invest in facility improvements, expand its academic programs, and enhance our community partnerships. The school aims to maintain its position as a leading international school and provide exceptional student education.

Justin McCauley, Principal
Justin Allen McCauley is a Portland native who obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University and a Master of Education from Lewis and Clark College. He taught at Centennial High School for ten years before transitioning to an administrative role. He served as the Dean of Students, Vice Principal, Principal, and Director of Education Options for the Reynolds School District, achieving significant growth in academic attainment scores.