NPE Waste: Leading the Charge in Sustainable E-Waste Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

H. R. Nagendra Rao,  Managing Director

H. R. Nagendra Rao

Managing Director

In our tech-driven era, the proliferation of electronic devices has led to a pressing issue: electronic waste (e-waste). The discarded devices pose a threat to public health and the environment since they contain dangerous substances like lead and mercury. E-waste, if improperly disposed of, contaminates soil, water, and air, contributing to lengthy-time period environmental degradation and fitness problems for employees in recycling facilities. Addressing this crisis requires governmental regulations, extended producer responsibility (EPR), accessible recycling facilities, and a shift toward a circular economy. Located in Mysuru, NPE Waste a company with a vision deeply rooted in environmental stewardship is at the fore front of transforming the e-waste landscape.

Established in 2021, NPE Waste Promoters boast a rich legacy in the electronic component manufacturing sector, deeply rooted in the electronic industry. “With over 35 years of experience for myself and a decade for Prathap HN, we've witnessed the electronics panorama evolve. Recognizing the alarming lack of companies in the segment, especially in electronic waste recycling, we delved into substantial studies”, speaks speaks Nagendra Rao HR, Managing Director. The exponential rise in electronic device consumption, fueled by the smartphone market's evolution in the past 12 to 13 years, sparked the firm’s concern about the environmental repercussions. Electronic devices, laden with hazardous materials lead with metals and other precious metals like palladium, copper, tin, gold, silver, and carbide, demand responsible disposal to

safeguard the environment.The firm’s entry into this field is motivated by a sincere intention to contribute to nature, aligning its business goals with environmental conservation.

Being one of the few businesses in the nation to carry out thorough in-house recycling makes NPE Waste stand out in the recycling scene. The company handles everything from motherboards and electrical components to plastics and metals, with a focus on recycling electronic gadgets. The firm has a full plastic recycling facility, unlike other recyclers, and it recycles every plastic material which are frequently found in electrical devices into granules. The granules are sold back to plastic product manufacturers. For metals like aluminum and copper, the firm uses cutting-edge melting techniques. “Our method guarantees a comprehensive and responsible recycling process, from working with direct smelters for metals to entrusting hazardous waste to government-authorized institutions for proper disposal. Our advanced plastic granulation machines guarantee top-notch quality, allowing us to deliver products that meet the highest standards”, says Nagendra.

Being one of the few businesses in the nation to carry out thorough in-house recycling makes NPE Waste stand out in the recycling scene

NPE Waste’s core leadership team comprises four individuals, who bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Nagendra Rao HR, the company’s MD, boasts a remarkable 35-year tenure in the printed circuit board industry excelling in sales and establishing a leading PCB manufacturing business. “As the second Director, my background spans a decade in PCB manufacturing, assembly, and design, with a focus on supporting India's electronic manufacturing services (EMS) growth”, adds Prathap. Srinivas, the firm’s General Manager, contributed 15-17 years of recycling industry insight, having set up plants for plastic and PCB recycling. Finally, Vinod Kumar Singh, the General Manager and Production Head, oversees daily operations with 30 years of combined experience, ensuring effective recycling processes.

As the company envisions the future of NPE Waste, its primary focus lies in scaling its current operations to reach a broader customer base within the EMS and PCB manufacturing segment. Currently servicing more than 30 customers, the firm’s goal is to expand significantly, aiming for 150 to 200 clients. NPE Waste is also strategically venturing into emerging markets, including solar cell recycling and lithium-ion battery recycling. The imposition of import duties on solar panels has spurred growth in solar cell manufacturing, presenting a lucrative opportunity for the company. Beyond financial gains, the firm’s overarching mission is to bring organization to the largely unstructured recycling segment in the country, fostering education and environmental responsibility.