OMC Power: Powering Rural India Towards Prosperity

Rohit Chandra, CEOThe availability of efficient roads, electricity and telecommunication towers are the three primary indicators of the over all economic development of any nation. The economic prosperity of villages is also directly proportional to the availability of reliable and good quality power to small & medium sized enterprises carrying out economic activities in the rural areas. Established in 2011, OMC Power is a decentralized power distribution company taking huge strides forward in generating power through renewable energy sources in a bid to provide clean green energy to the Indian villages.

Founded by telecommunication industry veterans having a combined experience of over 100 years, the genesis of OMC Power was to bring a lot of ideas gained from the Telecommunication sector back to the energy sector. Instead of having a centralized energy model, OMC Power provides decentralized energy structures in rural India. The company generates energy where it is consumed, stores it, and distributes it to the point of demand. OMC Power has introduced the prepaid package structure, predominantly used in mobile telephony, into the energy supply sector. The company gives 24/7 energy to its consumers ondemand, based on the size of the client’s wallet. OMC Power offers packages based on a prepaid model, where by clients can get the energy as per their needs.

The company majorly utilizes Solar energy for power generation and has recently also started to deploy micro wind turbines. OMC Power combines solar power generation and the latest battery storage technology that is reliable, environmental friendly and cost competitive than existing solutions out there in the market.

OMC Power follows the unique ABC model, wherein, A stands for the Anchor clients(telecommunication towers) B stands for Business(medium to small sized businesses) and C stands for Community(the rural house hold consumers). It's a
distributed energy company providing energy access to the three major markets in rural India at affordable, customizable price levels, which ultimately leads to economic development, social impact and prosperity of the villages.

A Perfect Blend Of Youth & Experience
OMC Power Founders collectively brings immense knowledge of distributed infrastructure management in the Telecommunication sector. In addition, many of the management team members have over 20 years of experience in the energy and IT sectors. The management team is also composed of great leaders who hail from the Indian armed forces.

The company strikes a delicate balance between experience & youth with a combination of experts having decades of industry expertise and young, innovative and energetic professionals

The company strikes a delicate balance between experience & youth. OMC Power coalesces experts having decades of industry expertise and young professionals with innovative capabilities mounted on infinite potential to the mix. The company currently has a healthy balance of 65% of its employees who are young, agile and passionate of bringing a change in lives of rural India.

The mission of supplying affordable power to millions of people and thousands of business enterprises across Africa and India makes OMC Power one of the largest private sector players leading the transition towards reliable access to clean energy along with driving sustain ability. OMC Power envisions delivering power and other services to 50 million people across the globe through its ABC model. With the company's plan of expanding to over 5000 plants by 2028, the company's mission is to be the front runner in leading India to shift towards a greener economy and climate change initiatives Ultimately low dependence on fossil fuels leads to the development & prosperity of the rural areas resulting in which the country as a whole prospers.

Rohit Chandra, CEO, OMC Power
One of the three principal Founders of OMC Power, Rohit Chandra, brings in over 25 years of rich senior management experience within the Indian Telecom sector to his company. As the former COO of Telenor, Rohit Chandra played a pivotal role in launching India's fastest ever IT infrastructure network rollout. Prior to that, Rohit as the Executive Director was key in transforming Aircel into one of the fastest growing operators in the country with 11 Million subscribers. Rohit was also EVP at Ericsson India, managing Sales & Marketing and in charge of the Technical Solutions Division, before eventually establishing OMC Power.