OpsMx: Introducing Simplified and Multi Cloud Deployments with Revolutionary Engineering

Gopal Dommety,CEO, OPSMX

Gopal Dommety


Leaders in today's business sector emphasize the necessity of being agile. This management approach derived from the software industry's notion of agile development, necessitates a leader that is flexible, adaptable, and quick in their decision making. This holds applicable for businesses as well. Continuous delivery is the nervous system of software delivery, which drives business agility. It can be challenging to see the road ahead with all of the strategies and so many distinct components that must come together to make a flawless delivery process. That is why firms need to emphasize software delivery. From the early planning phase through the sprints and development process until the product is ready for market, software delivery may help enterprises in regulating the delivery process by ensuring that everything works effectively.

Software delivery can be a game changer in the process, as the goal of software delivery is to collect all of the data from the entire pipeline, from back office business systems to the software delivery tool chain, and provide the organization with a comprehensive view of not only the features in development but also how they are used and whether they are driving growth.

Established in 2017, OpsMx is dedicated to delivering software without the need for human intervention, using which the companies can modernize the way they supply and deploy software while also improving the lives of their employees and consumers.

OpsMx is on a mission to help businesses deploy software more efficiently, faster, and safer, while also adjusting to changing business needs and reducing human error and user dissatisfaction. Describing the company, the CEO of OpsMx, Gopal Dommety says, "OpsMx's approach is creating the central nervous system for software delivery. First, with Spinnaker, we have begun and will continue to extend our beachhead market. Second, across all Continuous Delivery platforms, we will speed product development and solutions for the larger, broader market of intelligence, for example, Jenkins, Argo, and others."

Automated Software Delivery
The OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery Platform(ISD) is a new continuous delivery platform built on Spinnaker that is aimed to boost delivery speed without requiring human intervention. Simplify pipeline creation and management to reduce orchestration, integration, and governance
overhead. In a conventional organization, software delivery is a time consuming process with two challenges.

One is that it streamlines the end-to-end process workflow from code check in to secure multicloud deployments boosting DevOps productivity and efficiency. Then it delivers data driven risk verification, policy enforcement, and approvals to ensure that software in production is of high quality, risk free and compliant.

Opsmx minimizes security and compliance risks while preserving delivery velocity and quality at every level

Furthermore, within Data Integration, OpsMx supports 40+ tools in an extensible plug-and play correlated data architecture, which sets it apart from its peers in the ISD platform. End to end correlation is available in a Pipeline's content, enabling a rich real time feed for ML Based Verification, Informed Approval, Security and Policy risk analysis, and visibility is provided to Developers, DevOps Engineers, QA, SRE, and Manager person as through a role based Dashboard UI.

Team Of Opsmx
Since software delivery demands a mission critical environment that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, large organizations now operate in high production settings. Effective software delivery would have been impossible without a robust foundation. Likewise, OpsMx's technical team includes experts who have previously worked for well-known companies such as Netflix and Google. Further, Gopinath the CTO of OpsMx is a well-known leader in the community of continuous delivery foundations, while Gopal has a PhD in computer science and has served as a Cisco field CTO. OpsMx was formed by a group of experts who are well-known in their fields and have good engineering backgrounds.

The Benefits Of Opsmx
When the processes to be automated are discrete, well-understood, time consuming to complete manually, and a high level of standardization or governance is necessary, automation adds significant value. However, repeated jobs are the ones that can profit the most from automation. Granting access to infrastructure and application resources is one area where there are various chances to automate. To be most effective, automated self service IT should cover the complete lifetime of the resources and employees' requests, from the original service request to approvals, provisioning, resource adjustments, and discharging.

OpsMx assists their clients in achieving Development Velocity at Scale by reducing the complexity of guaranteeing security, enabling self service pipeline management, and navigating the complexities of multi cloud systems. This reduces waste and friction while increasing velocity.

Likewise, the organization contributes to improving Release Quality by providing timely feedback and insights at all stages of the software delivery pipeline. This is becoming increasingly important in assuring the quality of provided software while avoiding capacity concerns and high operational expenses. "By automating security and policy checks into the whole software delivery process, OpsMx minimizes security and compliance risks while preserving delivery velocity and quality at every level", concludes Gopal.