Orisenc Technologies India: Offering Nextgen Digital Transformation, Cloud and Security Solutions

Uma Harish,Director

Uma Harish


With the advent of the technological convergence, the digital transfor mation has become a significant aspect of the corporate world. Customer behavior has also seen a major shift with the evolution taking place in the digital world. Demand for digitally updated service providers is witnessing a rising graph and IT has been a big reason for bringing this significant change in the corporate world. Along with digital transfor mation, many other aspects like cyber security, new legal regulations, etc. are finding their way with the increase in IT needs. Therefore, the IT department in several companies is slowly experien cing difficulty in catering to IT requirements inhouse. This has given way to the establish ment of many firms supporting IT services and digital transformation.

Orisenc Technologies India being one such service provider brings the best-in-class digital transformation services to the table. It offers digital infrastructure management services that transform and automate organizational infrastructure making them compatible and smoother aligned with strategic business objectives. It offers value driven solutions to its clients bringing a visible transformation in working methods by implementing new age software technologies. Its strong business ethics is to protect its clients being a customer centric and vendor agnostic service provider.

Services Exceptional
Orisenc Technologies help all its clients' businesses thrive through its excellent IT solutions. It is a comprehensive and proficient IT solution provider helping its clients to reduce their work burden by simplifying their operations through consolidation, virtualization, and optimization. Its wide range of services include consulting, system assessment and health check, performance analysis, system design implementation, support and maintenance, data center, infrastructure, data and storage management solutions, and SAN/NAS/UNIFIED/DAS solutions. It also has storage solutions and data protection solutions including high performance all flash storage solutions, software defined storage solutions, data backup, and protection solutions, and replication solutions. Along with the above mentioned, the company also caters to virtualization
solutions, open networking solutions software defined networking, wireless network, endpoint security, infra structure security, cloud, AWS, Azure, Virtustream, hybrid cloud solutions, work place client computing, cloud client computing, desktop, virtual desktop and enterprise mobility, mobile devices as well as print. Armed with all these ranges of services, the company stands out to be a front runner in the IT solution providing industry and offers Every thing-as-a-Service(XaaS)solutions through its managed services team.

Orisenc Technologies Is Also Renowned For Its NextGen IT Infrastructure And Cloud Services

Other Areas Of Expertise
Orisenc Technologies is also renowned for its nextgen IT Infrastructure and Cloud Services. With a team of certified engineers, the company provides cloud services associated with onpremise hardware, software, and networking needs. Its cloud and storage team experts are focused on providing consistency, efficiency, and awesome customer service. Orisenc Technologies has been successful in helping its clients achieve flexible IT resources from the Cloud. With its expertise in Infrastruc ture as a Service(IaaS), all its clients are significantly streamlined to their IT infrastructure that saves a good amount of money. The company provides the storage and computing capacity to its clients as they need for their application operation from the Cloud with the help of IaaS. The customers attain from use and flexibility at a fraction of the cost that has invested in their infrastructure. Therefore, the clients only pay for the resources that they have used.

Being an enterprise class digital systems integrator, it owns superior technical expertise in the areas of server, storage, networking coverage and resources. It is one of the largest privately held value added resellers (VAR) in the industry at present with a team of expert and efficient engineers who are constantly testing and finding out the solutions for its core server, storage, and networking competencies. The team is also available 24/7 over the phone and e-mail to respond to all kinds of queries from its customers'end.

Orisenc Technologies also offers state-of-the-art end point security services with excellence and immense professionalism enabling its clients to grow substantially with a certified and cost effective large resource base that is readily available. Catering for an extensive clientele ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, it focuses majorly on supreme customer satisfaction to continue in the long run.

Future Ready Business Set Up
Orisenc Technologies has developed varied solutions to provide a competitive edge to its customers in the long run. It also focuses on keeping its clients informed about all the latest changes coming along with the stages of development and support happening in their projects. By implementing cutting edge technologies and advanced communication tools the organization and its team are all set to address and overcome all kinds of challenges.