Otrinee India: Reversing Environment's Ailments with Ingenious Earth-Centric Products

Dr. Shailesh Mishra,Managing Director,  Otrinee India

Dr. Shailesh Mishra

Managing Director, Otrinee India

The quality of a person's life is determined by a variety of factors, one of which is the environment in which they live. Many things we do in our daily lives have become easier as science has advanced and new techno logies have emerged. However decades of fast industry and urbanization, along with a lack of preventive measures, have resulted in a significant problem: pollution. The gains of scientific and techno logical leap frogs are not being translated into improved quality of life for all. Rising pollution levels are robbing us of those benefits. The situation has been compounded further by growing economies like India, where industrial activity has increased in recent decades. As a result it is critical for all companies and factories to adopt highly effective industrial pollution control devices that can provide effective pollution management while also improving the environment.

One such firm that provides highly engineered environmental equipment to help clients solve complex pollution and treatment challenges across the nation is Otrinee India Pvt. Ltd. Otrinee a research based manufacturing company, established in 2015, is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CE certified Electronics & Electrical goods manufacturing company that adheres to the Medical Device Quality Management System (ISO 13485) and is registered with the District Industry Center of the Government of India's Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. Otrinee has made a significant market contribution with its novel product by leveraging its expertise in manufacturing innovative Earth centric products. Air Detoxification System, Air & Water Treatment Solutions, Waste Composting Machine, Air Purifier, Smoke Neutralizer, Ozonizer, Ionizer, PSA Oxygen Generators, Industrial Automation System, PLC based Digital Controllers, and other Customized Electronic goods are among the products manufactured by the company. Aside from the aforementioned products, the company is also producing Garments and Bags made with recycled plastic. Otrinee also prepared/delivered oxygen plants to several private and government hospitals during the pandemic.

Customer satisfaction is one of the prime concerns of its entire operation. The firm is equipped with a round the clock strong customer support team to resolve any issue that may arise. For instance, if there is a
language barrier, the firm uses a certified method where in the team of professionals will understand what kind of problem the client is facing in the machine. Since most of the products offered by the firm are very critical to human life, highly qualified technicians are at their disposal to help clients identify the best services and installation options. Its network is present at the PAN India level and is made up of competent and experienced personnel, always available to help clients find the right solution for their needs.

The firm focuses on developing earth & environment centric products that are distinctive and innovative rather than imitating things that are already on the market

Otrinee leverages cutting edge technology to provide customers with fully integrated and standardized products that can be customized to accommo date their requirements. Each segment that the firm caters to its own unique set of requirements, thus the firm customizes the solution depending on location, material handling, and the nature of the business. With the notion of Make in India all of the firm's products are ingeniously developed inhouse in Greater Noida. The firm has products for every market sector and is well versed in client requirements. "We are manufacturing all the products which are earth centric and always protecting the environmental aspects. Nowhere we are manufacturing or sending products that are not linked with the environment, which is the very reason we call it earth centric products," Dr. Shailesh Mishra, Managing Director at Otrinee.

Unique As One And Only
Dr. Shailesh Mishra emphasizes "There's a huge risk for any SMEs or any kind of small brand when they enter the market. Even if we have a better product, we have to fight with the existing brands in the market, especially a self funded firm like us. When it comes to market competition, the majority of India's major brands are importing jerry-built products and offering in the market. And we're glad we're not just another trader or a sales agent for a slew of different things already existing on the market. We are convinced that by focusing on innovation and new technology, we will be able to customize the product. Our skilled team of seasoned professionals is well-versed in technology and supports us in developing, creating, and manufacturing products that suit all of our customers' needs to the best of our ability."

Since its inception, Otrinee has grown multifold and has been steady in providing a superior quality array of products in accordance with the requirements of the clients. Otrinee has diversified from its registered base in Ghaziabad to Factories and a dedicated R& D lab in Greater Noida, with branches in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune from which it caters to customers across India. Having stated that, Otrinee received the coveted Best Product Innovation Award, SE Asia, in 2019, which rewards breakthroughs in the field of Health Care & Medical Electronics. Further, the firm has received numerous awards in the past for Green Innovation in 2020 & National Level Award in 8th Global Safety Summit with over 43 Patents & IPR in a variety of fields. And as it forges ahead to reach new heights, the firm is looking to expand its product line and diversify more into biotechnological intervention for the air treatment solution.