Painfreeodisha: Providing Advanced Pain Management Services

Dr. Shovan Kumar Rath,DirectorPain management is a concept that lacks awareness among people suffering from chronic pain and is often neglected, especially in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities. Painfreeodisha is Odisha's first and leading brand of Interventional Pain clinic that offers speciality treatment of pain management of chronic painful diseases and cancer pain. It aims to cure and care for people suffering from other common kinds of pain like back pain, neck pain, knee pain, etc.

The clinic is the first ever pain centre in Bhubaneshwar treating multidisciplinary chronic pain in a comprehensive manner. Painfree odisha was registered as a company last year but was conceptualised in the year 2010 in Odisha by Dr Shovan Kumar Rath. The center & the idea is run by the founder director Dr Shovan Kumar Rath a trained pain physician whose long run vision is to make Odisha Pain Free. Back in the year, there was only one government setup for pain treatment and it only specialised in treating cancer pain through morphine.

Chronic Pain Should Not Be Neglected
Painfreeodisha started as an interventional clinic that defied the misconception regarding the possibility of pain management in Odisha. The clinic was setup to make people aware that pain should not be neglected and there can be possibilities where the effects of the pain can be delayed and surgeries can be delayed or avoided through effective pain management. When taken care of in time, acute pain will not be converted into chronic pain and suffering. Painfreeodisha created awareness into the minds of the people of Orissa about this treatment modality through newspapers and other channels of media and gradually expanded with time.

Painfreeodisha works by playing through the nerves. It blocks the pain sensation through numbing the nerves, thus providing relief from pain. There are no pain or side effects during the pain procedures at the clinic. The best part about the clinic is that no admission is required and the treatment is given in a day care facility without the need for anaesthesia. The patients are discharged the same day after the treatment and can plan the rest of their day accordingly.

Painfreeodisha is coming up with additional clinics in Bhubaneshwar for advanced pain
treatments. For this, it is collaborating with more doctors and creating awareness among doctors and patients about the need of pain management. The clinic also plans to create awareness about all sorts of pain treatments that are available. It is educating doctors through different courses about pain management.

Painfreeodisha has a dedicated team working for it. It also provides door step services for pain treatment, free of cost, Along with the treatment services, it also provides the devices at patient's home at affordable prices. The patients can access the services through `Painfreeodisha' app where the care centre can be located and services can be booked. The clinic is planning to add more services gradually on the app. No other clinic in Odisha providing for such services and this makes the clinic one of a kind in the state.

Painfreeodisha strives to create awareness among the patients for the need of pain management

The clinic provides advanced treatments like platelet rich plasma therapy, ozone therapy, putting spinal cord simulators and intrathecal (spinal cord)pumps for back surgery pain and cancer pain etc. It is the only clinic to have used platelet rich plasma for sports injury. The equipments at the clinic are usually imported from abroad and are certified for treatment procedures. The doctors at the clinic are certified & well qualified. The center is in the process of becoming certified too.

The biggest challenge for the clinic was, and still continues to be, the lack of awareness about pain management. Painfreeodisha reaches out to maximum doctors in the space so that they can refer patients to the clinic regarding pain treatment. It also reaches out to patients through various podiums and groups. Painfreeodisha is also setting up camps in the villages for this purpose and providing free of cost ambulance services and pain medications for pain relief.

The Best Technology And Equipments For Treatment
On the technology front, Painfreeodisha uses the advanced technology and treatments for pain management. It makes sure that it makes the best treatment available at Bhubaneshwar like any other metropolitan city. It has all the advanced treatment devices at the facility like radio frequency equipments, simulators, ozone generators, etc. In addition, it imports the devices that are unavailable in India.It has received good responses in osteoarthritis pain, knee pain and back pain & Cancer pain & palliative care.

Painfree odisha plans to expand further through a larger setup for which the land has already been allocated by the Government. It also plans to go for a regenerative therapy center, a sports injury center for all sorts of sports injury including non-invasive and invasive treatments. It is coming up with NGO under the same for treating cancer pains for helping patients having shortage of funds.