Palash Bagchi: The Unrelenting Force in Transforming the Software Realm

Palash Bagchi,CEOSuccess is not defined by dreams and aspirations, but people's affinity to realize them. But, Palash Bagchi - an IT industry veteran and the CEO of STPL Global - never knew that the same ability would unveil the doors of his entrepreneurial journey. His previous job at IBM transformed him as a self-dependent and a confidante professional through its creative freedom. This helped Palash push STPL proactively in the right strategic growth path and strengthen the IT Services arm of the full capability service company. His 15 years of extensive experience in the industry has not only proffered him the domain expertise and the best resources, but also lured him to work towards the major deficit of good talents and efficient solutions in niche areas. According to him, it is the same experience that helped him to strategize the product and service offerings of STPL.

Today, as the unrelenting force of STPL, he is successful in imparting his own brand of astute sales and marketing traits,and expanding the company's product portfolio, customer acquisitions
and geography. Under his leadership, the company has seized a massive double growth figures year-on-year, while his employees have laid a firm foundation of a milieu that fosters liberty and free - thinking. As the proud proprietor of three new startups - Paywings, School Time and Columbus- that have already carved a prestigious name in their respective sectors, the company is currently in the process of transforming enterprise solutions into user-friendly consumer ware.

Sometimes I have stolen professional commitments while at other times personal space was occupied with work

But rewinding few years, the scenarios were different. Leaving his cushy seat of an established and stable career, Palash had to combat the bitter facets of business, which were earlier regarded as insignificant. In addition, his family had its own reservations. "I had a huge mortgage to my name, I had a 2-year-old daughter, and so it appeared that it was not the right time to take a risk,"says Palash. How ever, abiding by the credo of 'right time is now or never', he, with the help of his mentor and god father Srinivas Musunuri, successfully alleviated the demons and kick-started his independent journey.

Being a beaver doesn't stop Palash from giving back to the
society. As a part of his philanthropic intuitions, he has been an active member of RenB Solutions, run by his early age mentor, Mr. Vincent Fernandez, that runs active incubation centers where STPL provides technical and marketing assistance to the incubated startups. A young enthusiastic learner at heart, Palash is always hungry to be among the bellwethers of advisories to gain more knowledge.

The Roots of Excellence
Unlike many entrepreneurs who refrain from making the audacious move in their desired path owing to the family commitments, Palash considers responsibility and commitments towards family as the secret recipes for excellence which helps break one come out of the comfort zone, the biggest weapon of mass destruction. As a goal-oriented person, he enjoys his endeavors, be it personal or professional. Emphasizing about the work-life balance, Palash adds, "It is difficult to disconnect both personal and professional commitments. Sometimes I have stolen professional time for personal commitments, while at other times, personal space was occupied with work". As an individual who adores his supportive and moderately demanding family, he has given enough freedom for his daughter to think freely and to work hard with dedication towards her instincts. For this perfect family person, the best holiday destination is with his family and friends. He relishes over street food and enjoy cuisines from across the globe.