Pantomath: Spearheading Financial Services Innovation while Creating Workplace Excellence

 Mahavir Lunawat,   FounderIndustries worldwide are experiencing rapid growth due to technological advancements and evolving consumer trends. To remain competitive, companies require a dedicated and motivated workforce. A conducive workplace environment is pivotal in driving sustainable growth. Many companies are recognizing this reality and are striving to establish supportive and engaging workplaces for their team members. In this context, Pantomath, a financial services conglomerate, stands out as a leader in fostering an exceptional work culture and creating an environment that promotes convenience and enhances productivity for its team members. The company is the largest mid-sized financial services conglomerate based in Mumbai, India. Its primary business divisions include Investment Banking, Asset Management, Stock Broking & Distribution, Wealth Management, Institutional Equities, Fintech, and AI.

Pantomath’s extensive portfolio of services and steadfast commitment to developing capabilities through technology adoption and inclusion has recently propelled it to a leadership position in the financial services sector. According to Mahavir Lunawat, Founder of Pantomath, the company is recognized as a ‘trusted financial services conglomerate for mid-market corporates, family offices, fund houses and discerning investors’. The company specializes in raising equity capital for corporates through IPOs, managing funds and portfolios. It also specializes in stockbroking services through a vast network of B2B stockbroking offices, with over 400 offices across India and a global network spanning 12+ countries.

The Team-Centric Approach for Collaborative Success

As a stakeholder and people-friendly organization, Pantomath regards its team members as family, recognizing the substantial amount of time they spend in the office. The company has invested in its office campus near Mumbai airport, which includes two seven-story buildings, a cafeteria, a recreation center, parking facilities, a yoga room, a library, a guest house, and a town hall. Additionally, it provides convenient arrangements and modern facilities for team members staying at its residential complex.

The Comprehensive Focus on Team Members'Growth

Pantomath understands the critical importance of team members' growth and development to the company's success. The company heavily invests in technological endeavors and has dedicated one floor of its office campus to IT, AI, and digital teams. It focuses on creating in-house AI tools and products, utilizing tailor-made and in-house tools, such as the AI-based platform for online due diligence. "This platform aids us in gathering information about a company's past compliances, track record, litigation, GST payments, provident fund deposits, financial analysis, and more. Our digital initiatives have not only upskilled our team but have also empowered them. This commitment to enhancing skills and tools sets Pantomath ahead in the industry", shares Mahavir Lunawat, Founder, Pantomath Financial Services Group.
In terms of upskilling and advancement, Pantomath provides its team members with access to numerous on the-job training programs. It organizes various training and discussion forums amidst daily operations, while team members have the opportunity for job rotations within the organization. Pantomath's team is diverse in terms of age and gender, fostering a cohesive environment conducive to organi-zational success.

Leading the Way with Strategic Talent Acquisition & Retention

Notably, the company's expert HR team and HR software play a significant role in matching the right talent with the right job. The organization is experiencing rapid growth and employs various methods to recruit new talent, including internal promotions, lateral hiring, and aggressive recruitment drives. To identify suitable candidates Pantomath collaborates with consultants, maintains a comprehensive HR database, and utilizes an AI platform to generate leads for HR and sales. The company's in-house data and technology enable it to attract and nurture top talent effectively.

A Holistic Approach & Flexibility for Team Well-being

Pantomath is committed to aligning job roles with the interests of its team members and is prepared to modify roles based on individual preferences if necessary. It provides substantial support to cultivate an open work culture and offers top-notch facilities, flexible work arrangements, and stock-based compensation plans to attract and retain top talent. Moreover, the company supports its team members with personal needs such as maternity leave, higher education, and caregiving responsibilities, while focusing on individual growth and career development.

Pantomath not only has gender diversity in the workplace, but it also prioritizes onboarding people with special situations & also those who might otherwise be considered difficult to work with

Diverse Experience Opportunities, Steep Learning Curve

"Many highly skilled individuals from globally renowned organizations have joined our team in the last 6-8 months, and they are excited about our work culture. We have even observed that many people who left our organization have joined us back, which underscores the distinctiveness of our workplace experience. Our goal is to be a partner, not only with our clients but also within the team. We share the culture of sharing, teamwork, and brainstorming and that’s what makes an impact in what we do best. Our HR policy focuses on individual needs to promote personal and professional growth and career development for each team member. Every team member is given the opportunity to research, explore, generate and share ideas for the greater good of the organization and inculcate leadership qualities in our team", says Mahavir Lunawat.

The Importance of DEI

Pantomath not only prioritizes gender diversity in the workplace but also emphasizes working with individuals who may otherwise be considered challenging to work with. For instance, the company has a special HR initiative that engages with superannuated and individuals with disabilities, employing a specific approach to effectively harness their potential. Regarding gender diversity, Pantomath strives to maintain a healthy balance of both genders among its project leaders.

"Our HR department is highly supportive and accommodating. We believe in fostering a positive work environment, offering provisions for remote work and courses on stress management. We organize various recreational activities and training programs and celebrate significant events of all religions", shares Mahavir.

Future Roadmap

Pantomath is on a continuous journey of improvement, with HR being a focal area. It dedicates itself to HR and innovation daily to enhance its processes. Currently, the company is introducing new compensation plans, revising incentive models, and implementing educational and skill development programs. Additionally, it has implemented a 360-degree feedback mechanism to facilitate ongoing improvement and innovation, ensuring the continued strengthening of its programs.

"We believe that the financial services sector is experiencing rapid expansion, and we are committed to staying ahead of the curve with our technological advancements. Moreover, we are confident that our endeavours will be aided by ample talent and resources", concludes Mahavir.