PAREXEL India: Nurturing a Culture with Positivity & Commitment to Enhance Global Health

Sanjay Vyas,  Country Head

Sanjay Vyas, Country Head

Being a highly sophisticated innovation in the world of medicine, biopharmaceuticals have surpassed other pharmaceutical drugs. Focused on the development of innovative new therapies to improve the world’s health is PAREXEL International, one of the leading global Clinical Research Organizations. Since 1982, the firm has been positively impacting patients’ lives through its wide spectrum of bio pharmaceutical services. The ability to make a difference globally among people’s health is a source of pride for its employees. With 20,000+ people globally and 5100+ in India (PAREXEL India), the firm has been making great strides in the biopharma space with seamless developments in innovative therapies. Today, PAREXEL is proud to have contributed to the development of 99 percent of 200 top-selling biopharmaceuticals in the market.

All-Encompassing Culture
Sanjay Vyas, Country Head, PAREXEL India, speaks, “Our culture is strongly rooted in transparency, respect & recognition, innovation and patient centricity”. Embracing the true essence of transparency for an organization, PAREXEL follows the open door policy wherein employees can speak their minds, and provide feedback and suggestions at all levels. To further absorb their opinions, the firm conducts anonymous employee opinion surveys confidentially and provides a hotline for legal support as needed.

Dale Carnegie, the famous American writer & lecturer once said, “People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards”. Recognizing people is one of the most crucial factors for any organization to keep its workforce intact. Moving away from the conventional performance management processes, PAREXEL has adopted a new performance development approach which is entirely conversation-driven. This approach
delivers constructive feedback to employees, aiming to escalate their over all performance and development. Also, PAREXEL provides rewards for well-performing employees and also an online portal that lets them recognize and thank each other on a daily basis.

As an innovation-driven firm, PAREXEL enforces innovation in all its processes and practices while the best ideas of employees are shared across multiple internal forums, acknowledged and implemented effectively. Moreover, PAREXEL puts the patient at the heart of everything they do.

"Our culture is strongly rooted in transparency, respect & recognition, innovation and patient centricity"

Truly People-Centric
PAREXEL’s work environment and competitive policies & practices are its backbones, both in the recruitment and retention of the best talent around the world. The firm is focused on hiring employees who are capable of bringing success to both its clients and patients. Employees enjoy sharing their positive experiences and are responsible for 30 percent of referrals for hiring.

Retention is further ensured via cross-functional collaboration at PAREXEL, and internal employees fill roles in 22 percent of cases. Employees are presented with many career growth opportunities, Career Development programs, and opportunity to grow into professional & management roles.

Recounting his journey at PAREXEL India, Sanjay articulates, “I joined PAREXEL three years ago and what has really amazed me since then is the company’s people – in terms of their knowledge, expertise and sincere passion about making a difference in patients’ lives by bringing in new therapies to the market. Our positive culture, commitment and infectious enthusiasm make PAREXEL a great place to work”.

Diverse & Multigenerational Workforce
Diversity & Inclusion is overseen at PAREXEL by a dedicated Global VP who ensures promoting diversity at all levels in the firm. Women constitute 52 percent of its total workforce in India and a large number of them have leadership positions. The firm also educates, supports and promotes gender partnership via forums such as Women In Leadership (WIL) programs and Wisdom Circles.
Men also play a huge role in empowering women of the firm at various levels, including involvement in the MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) program.

Benefits Galore
To enhance work-life balance among its employees, PAREXEL follows the best policies and practices in the industry, including access to leaves, work from home policies and many others. Employees can enroll in multiple clubs to cultivate a healthy mind and thus become highly productive at work. Beyond these clubs that encourage cycling, running and many more activities, employees are encouraged tostay healthy by conforming to preventive health practices. Furthermore, PAREXEL’s employees at specific offices are bestowed with a flexible benefits package wherein they can choose the benefits from a spectrum of options as per their needs and lifestyle.

While its employees are strongly committed to boost patient outcomes, PAREXEL is focused on their growth and career development. PAREXEL is committed to delivering stellar growth opportunities to employees, rewarding them appropriately and above all, impacting patients positively through its exceptional services. Especially PAREXEL India, a centre of excellence and the largest contributor to the growth & excellence of PAREXEL International, is all geared-up to add more value to its existing workforce.

Key Management:
Sanjay Vyas, Country Head
With more than 22 years of global experience & expertise across various service industries, Sanjay is currently responsible for the leadership, management and vision at PAREXEL India.

Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Mohali, Mumbai & New Delhi

Regulatory & Product Development Consulting, Early Phase Clinical Research, Phase II-III Clinical Research, Late Phase Clinical Research, Informatics, and many more

Employee Testimonials:
•“I feel PAREXEL is a best place to work because of their employee friendly culture, flexibility, and benefits like food and transport”

•“I love the flexibility and management approach”