Physio Active: Holistic Wellness Development Through Core Principles of Physiotherapy

Dr. D M Manoj,DirectorThe COVID-19 crisis has been considered an opportunity for the advancement of telehealth in several countries. The worldwide pandemic forced the health system to promptly adopt telehealth in different areas. Gurgaon based Physio Active is an example of one such company that introduced an online virtual program by the name of "Tele PT". As it was the need of the hour the company's skilled therapists were dedicated to providing a holistic approach to build a healthy community in and around. Tele PT is an essential tool over online platforms that aid in giving care and guidance at the comfort of a patient's home.

The Genesis Of Physio Active
The Wellness Hub has been conceptualized by Dr. M R Zulfi and Dr. D M Manoj. "By starting PhysioActive we knew we wanted to make a diffi rence. Our "why" was to make each patient's day just a little bit better than it was prior to visiting us. We wanted to make a positive impact on some one's life, from a health standpoint as well as a personal standpoint, every single day by Education, Enhancement of their condition and by Empowering them to maintain their health,"says Dr. D M Manoj.

Physio Active aims to establish relations with companies for their employees' needs. "At the larger level, we intend to create a positive impact on the health and wellness of every community by forming integrated professional relationships with patients, leaders in the community, colleagues, physicians, and members," says Dr. M R Zulfi. The company's holistic approach makes it distinctive, working not only on the root cause of the problem but also preparing clients for long term Prevention.
Digital Physical Therapy
With Tele PT sessions, the team of therapists at Physio Active gets closer to its clients, virtually. "Exactly as promised to be there for you always in health and sickness," adds Dr. M R Zulfi. Individuals or businesses just need to let Physio Active know about their physical ailments and issues. To start this process, clients need to first share their medical or health history with a Consultant Physiotherapist. Then, the clients get a detailed Examination based on the individual's signs and symptoms based on which, do's and don'ts, exercise demonstrations, etc are provided.

With Tele PT Sessions, The Team Of Therapists At Physio Active Gets Closer To Its Clients, Virtually

The company chooses an authorized and safe platform such as Zoom and Microsoft Team meeting with unique IDs and passwords to provide utmost safety and privacy to its patients. Typically, the therapists advise the online patients with customized plans of care based on their requirements and condition.

Dr.M R Zulfi, Director
Highlighting the impact of the company's online session with a success story, Dr. D M Manoj mentioned that Shashi Prabha, a 62 yrs old woman suffering from Right frozen shoulder, B/L knee pain and mild Knee pain also attended the virtual 1 month session for strengthening of the shoulder and knee mobility exercises. Today, she is able to do her home activity efficiently and has started walking on the terrace, also engaging in regular fitness exercises.

In The Future
Even amidst the pandemic, Physio Active managed to maintain contact and virtual touch with its patients through online physiotherapy. Tele PT helped the company attain 30-35 percent revenue growth over a year. Physio Active aims to continue Virtual practice as it helps many of its patients achieve their long term goals in a comfortable and convenient way to encourage self care.

Currently, the company is focusing on making its virtual session more fruitful via modification in Physical Examination, Explanations of Exercise video via Home equipment. “We hope to continually work on new strategies to improve health awareness in the country,” concludes Dr. D M Manoj.