Plethora Power: The Green Gospel of EcoFriendly, Redefining the rules of Battery segment & Power Storage

Vaibhav Tyagi,CEOThe rise in global warming, fossil fuel depletion and rampant pollution is devastating our planet. A drastic and immediate action needs to be taken. It is crucial therefore for organizations and individuals across the globe to find alternatives and stop runaway climate chaos. Pune based Plethora Power Private Limited has acknowledged this fact thus manufacturing and supplying green substitutes. The organization is a manufacturer and supplier of Lithium ion battery packs, Lithium ion cells, Energy storage systems for power backup. It also deals in Erection and Commissioning of Solar Power Plants. "All our customers trust us for the quality of our products and we also make customised products that suit every need of our customers," mentions Vaibhav Tyagi, CEO of Plethora Power Private Limited.

Plethora Power started as a dream and a vision and now it's indeed turning into a story that others can draw inspiration from. A tale of how a group of few individual believers dared to start something of their own with a motive to provide a substitute to traditional fuel and changing lives, thought process , along with creating employment Abundance is what Plethora provides not just as a peculiarity but a habit. Plethora is also an example of how a brother and sister duo changed the dynamics of the power sector. The organisation has proved its mettle in situations where all other brands said that's impossible, Plethora gave at least 3 solutions to the same problem. "This is our world with unlimited unique possibilities," speaks Astha. Be it the addition of latest technology on quarterly basis, or be it the varied list of products, anything ranging from decimals to infinite is a ground reality at Plethora.

The company is backed by an efficient and knowledge able team of engineers, designers, R&D section who help it achieve the best. The central aim is to gain happy clients in every project and also help each client do their bit for the environment.

Best In Class Mileage, Premium Quality Products
According to Vaibhav, the company's best product is its "solutions". Along with batteries for electric vehicles, Plethora's core products include ESS, Hybrid Generator set, Solar turn key projects, Inverter batteries, and R& D projects. The company offers premium quality lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles such as e-scooter, e-bicycle, cycle, rickshaw at reasonable prices. According to
client's requirements, the expert team at Plethora manufactures batteries with quality features and specifications. Lithium ion technology is still in a niche stage in India, and therefore the company has kept its in house testing facilities top notch.There are more than eleven parameters that a product goes through so as to be called a Plethora Power Pvt. Ltd product."Our SOP and Quality control go hand in hand,"speaks Vaibhav. Adding on the company has an infra structure of manufacturing over 3500 units equivalent to 5.25 Megawatt which can run the whole town in place.

During the production of Plethora's products, the team ensures almost zero emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere. The waste generated is also recycled, thus, ensuring an eco-friendly chain and production in its overall course. "We all do know that replacing fossil fuels with green substitutes like ours has its own chain of benefits, thus we keep quality and environment both our priority," states Astha. The company's thorough process, testing facilities, warranty+guarantee and latest technology additions has kept them ahead of its competition. Besides that, with its on site assistance, the team stays in touch not only for feedback but every query, a responsibility which the company wants to do best justice to. "When we say 100 percent customization, it is a reality at our organization and therefore we treat every single customer with the same detailed orientation and commitment to that of bulk orders," remarks Vaibhav.

Astha Tyagi, COO
Growth And Success Every Nano Second
The core team at Plethora according to Vaibhav has one from each of the '5 Pandavas'. Three members from the team are thoroughly invested in technical aspects. The fourth member is the financial, emotional support pillar and the fifth member is the branding and communications specialist. "We have complete transparency amongst each member of the team and always walk together in this brutal competition of survival to the top of the startup race." speaks Vaibhav. Plethora aims to erase all the dissatisfaction from the roots, as every customer deserves quality, and that the company has in Abundance. Abundance of options, Abundance of onsite support and Abundance of unlimited technical possibilities.

In the future, the company wants to capture every billboard, ranging from inhouse manufacturing to job works and OEMs. Plethora Power is on a journey to become one of the largest manufacturers of the green solution and hopes to become a synonym of quality and trust. "We want to make a plethora of options a trend, To make Plethora a brand which is a synonym to QUALITY"PLETHORA POWER'S ULTIMATE GOAL" concludes Vaibhav.