QJ Consulting: Welcome to the New 'Uber of Consulting'

Arup Dutta , Director

Arup Dutta


QJ Consulting provides a platform for retired professionals, freelancers and industry experts, with zillions of years of experience to share their knowledge, experience and advise with clients. These are storehouse of business insights, collected from years of hands-on working and energised by incessant practice, tests, friction and reviews. QJ is formed with an objective to cultivate these otherwise lost, unwritten, and unaccounted for intellectual assets and use them for the benefit of small, medium organizations and start-ups.

QJ provides the necessary support for these high-powered delivery engines. “We often came across small and medium enterprises that need business solutions at a reasonable price. Big consulting firms stay out of their reach. Our objective has been to serve this sector, when few of us came out of Big4 and started QJ Consulting” speaks Pradip Nag, Director, QJ Consulting, “For them, we want to become ‘An Uber of Consulting,’ says Mr. Nag.

Building Strong Relationships – The Journey matters!
Founded in 2017, QJ Consulting has always been slow, steady, and cautious in its approach. “We delivered only one-two assignments at a time. We always wanted to develop a personal relationship with our clients,” strikes Arup Dutta, Director, QJ Consulting, sincerely.

He adds, “Our achievement is our clients love, our association. Our relationship goes beyond professional contracts.”

“Gone are the days when a large multipronged project would be awarded to a single consultant with all in-house capabilities and niche talents to deliver solutions. We, therefore, partner with specialists and multiple firms to offer a whole spectrum of services to our clients,” says Mr. Dutta.

Keeping it real, QJ Consulting is known for its ‘do not know it all’ attitude. “We don’t want to become a Smart Aleck,” remarks Mr. Dutta, “what we say is, you have a problem,
we will help you to solve it. You have a problem, you know the solution, but you don’t have the time, we will implement the solution on your behalf. You have a problem, you have a solution, and you have time, but you don’t have resource to implement, so we will provide you resources. More than anything, we want to be your friend in need...”

Surrounded by transparent and positive oomph, QJ Consulting believes in having fun and follows a lean setup, thus making it the best place to work for industry veterans and subject matter experts who come together and help businesses thrive

Pradip Nag, Director, QJ Consulting

“We are happy to accept changes to products/services and processes at any point in the development cycle. Our people and teams demonstrate high levels of competence in terms of responsiveness to change,” mentions Mr. Dutta.

Surrounded by transparent and positive oomph, QJ Consulting believes to enjoy and follows a lean setup, thus making it the best place to work for industry veterans; and subject matter experts come together to help businesses thrive.

“Our people would describe our company culture as happy and dynamic. Our technology, infrastructure and workspaces are designed to support flexible working and informal collaboration. We have created a relatively flat organisational structure, with few layers between the top management and lowest level employees. Our small team earns well to enjoy their life and spend time with their families. For us, this is our second home,” says Pradip.

The Next Big Step
Based in Kolkata, in a short span of one year, QJ Consulting has on-boarded more than five big clients in Bangladesh and signed long term contract with QJ.
Pradip optimistic about the future of QJ concludes “We plan to continue building relations for the next two-three years. Fortunately, some of us are associated with educational institutes. Parallel to our service to clients, we from QJ try to bridge industry academia gaps for the students. Also, we have started with a small training centre, where we are developing talents and exposing them to live projects. Without a doubt, a few of them will definitely wear the QJ hat in the future.”