Qurious Lil Mindz International Preschool: Combining Technology & Domain Expertise in Providing Pre-School Education

   Poornima,    Founder



According to a report published by Ken Research, the global preschool education sector is estimated to achieve a net value of $615 billion by the end of 2030 growing at a CAGR of 11.03 percent. When it comes to a developing country like India where preschool education is slowly becoming compulsory for children, this sector is currently experiencing a rapid growth phase. The integration of technologies like 3D Imaging, AR (Augmented Reality) and others are making education providers more and more equipped with the advanced forms of providing preschool education. However, the extended involvement of children with gadgets for learning and entertainment purposes are in a way closing the doors for outdoor games and activities that play a significant role in the mental and physical development of a child. This is why outdoor experiences must also be a part of the curriculum that is dedicated to preschool education. This gap was observed by the Founder of Qurious Lil Mindz International Preschool (QLM), Poornima who then decided to open her own preschool that not only has the needed technology integration but also is able to provide opportunity for outdoor activities for the children.

The Growth Story
The journey of the Founder has played a very significant role in the success of Qurious Lil Mindz. Since childhood, Poornima has had a passion towards the teaching profession. She aspired to become a teacher one day. This dream was inspired from her family background where her great grandmother, grandmother and mother were involved in the teaching profession themselves. During the early phase of her career, Poornima was working as a software engineer but only because of her passion in teaching, she diverted her career path and finished her diploma in child psychology, autism education and early childhood care and education. She equipped herself with the processes that are required to impart education in special children as well. “It was after this that I started visiting preschools in order to have an idea on the infrastructure and management capabilities required. Here,
I observed that there is a lot of technology usage in the curriculum. 3D imaging, AR setups and other technologies are being used in order to make the lesson more and more interactive for children but a major aspect was missing. It was the part where a child would go outdoors and perform games and activities. Outdoor games play a significant role in the growth of children from 1-5 years. At this point I decided to open Qurious Lil Mindz that will give equal importance to every aspect that is required in the mental and physical development of children”, states Poornima, Founder.

The preschool gives special attention to parent queries & hold meetings at regular intervals in order to address them

Standing Out
QLM combines two forms of educations in order to create a perfect blend in the curriculum that it imparts within children. First is the NCERT curriculum that is provided by the government and the second is the American form of preschool educations that is prevalent across the world. “We can see that the government is taking a lot of initiatives regarding early education of children and many reputable schools have also made preschool compulsory for students. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that students can experience a very smooth transition from preschool to junior high. Our students are able to speak complete sentences and understand languages properly when they go for admission in junior high. We also provide a three language curriculum during KG”, says Poornima.

The preschool gives special attention to parent queries and hold meetings at regular intervals in order to address them. As the preschool curriculums are changing every year with the innovation of new technologies, it is very important that preschools keep parents updated with the recent trends and the changing curriculums. “We also educate our students through role-play activities enabling experience based learning. For instance, we create a physical market set up giving them individual roles and making them interact providing them the real experience”, she adds.

Looking at the Future
Since inception, QLM has gained considerable recognition in the preschool industry through premium quality education and dedication towards the cause. Looking ahead, it wants to bring in more innovation in curriculum and always keep room for improvement staying abreast with the latest trends in the market. “We are looking towards providing a holistic form of education to all our students. We are concentrating a lot on the emotional quotient of a child and how to develop that in the right manner. We also provide free education to children from financially weak backgrounds and would want to increase this intake in the coming years”, concludes Poornima.