Rahul Sharma: For Whom Passion & Perseverance is the Lifeblood

Rahul Sharma,CEO & Co -Founder

Rahul Sharma

CEO & Co -Founder

Entrepreneurship in India has always been defined by two extremes. One end entails those individuals who fall prey to the most hyped charm of the revolution where they can relish the bliss of being their own boss and the quick fortune that follows by;and the other has yielded a rare-breed of entrepreneurs who dared to spearhead the change. Latest to join the rare-breed is Rahul Sharma - a technology visionary and industry expert. With an objective of creating a software entity that lasts a lifetime, Rahul exited a high-profile career in one of the eminent Fortune 500 companies and begot his own IT Products Company named Progen Business Solutions along with his ex-colleague AmitChandak.

The exponentially growing data enticed the duo to foray into BI & Data Analytics industry, while the idea of digging the known territories for the newer opportunities acted as a catalyst in incarnating the decision.As the CEO of the organization, Rahul loves to embed a perfect combination of his passion for innovation and hands-on approach in each of his endeavor, which is
reflected in every revolutionary hit that the organization delivers. One such innovation is its flagship BI suite named as 'pi'. This leading next generation BI platform is the output of 200,000 man-hours of around 25 dedicated developers. With customers footed around five countries, the company is growing profoundly and aims at expanding its client base and geography in its near future.

Considering the failures as the opportunities to learn rahul looks forwards forwards for the possibilities to work on his weaknesses that include impatience & impulsiveness which in way have indirectly helped him in the past

The Initial Crunches
Enabling such a glory was not an easy feat for Rahul. The initial journey of the venture was fraught with multiple crunches that delayed Rahul's successful entrepreneurial epoch for about five years. "Being the first generation entrepreneurs, we never had the anticipation of lot many things," adds Rahul. But, firmly believing in the Mantra 'good things take time', he successfully reaped-in the needed capital and acquired customers with his perseverance, strong support from the seed investors, Amit and the team, and most importantly with his past experience, which taught him the tricks of the trade. Considering the failures as the opportunities to
learn, he looks forward for the possibilities to work on his weaknesses that include impatience, & impulsiveness which in a way have indirectly helped him in the past.

Treading towards the Bright Future:
A young enthusiastic learner by heart, Rahul regards entrepreneurs as their own guides. According to him, entrepreneurship has no age bar and time limitation, and should not fear failure, rather consider it as a chance to start again. A good ecosystem coupled with best legal advisories suffices their purpose.With a wish to be a better listener and a people's person, he envisions creating a happy society by generating many employment opportunities for the needy.

Spearheading towards Success
It is rightly said that 'Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't'. The quote perfectly sums up the life philosophy of Rahul. Although Rahul prioritizes his enterprise 24/7 ahead of everything to proffer the best, he never forgets to spend his free time with family who has supported him unconditionally.He provides enough freedom to his children to follow their instincts. When not busy managing his offices and flying to-and-fro between his customer's offices, Rahul takes pleasure in watching movies (especially the James Bond series). Bahamas and Langkawi (Malaysia) are few amongst his favorite destinations and he enjoys vegetarian cuisines.