Raj Sukheja: Developing Visions into Profit

   Raj Sukheja,     CEOA business strategist, finance specialist, pod, video-caster and published author, Raj Sukheja, CXO, Red Mammoth is a dynamic Financial and Startup Advisor with over three decades of illustrious experience in Business & Finance. In these 30 years, he has created a track record of being the CEO of many global organizations like Interways Corp. of America in the US, Global Anthem in Singapore, Twinstar & Monash Software Jiangsu in China, and the Founder Director of Anthem Group in India. The accomplished leader is known for his extraordinary ability to consult and advise companies in Finance, Business Strategy, Negotiation & Viability Of Projects. Sukheja’s acumen has steered a great number of deals in various industry verticals. Raj has immense knowledge in the areas of Debt & Equity Syndication, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Financial Consulting. He is a mentor, guide and an influential author who writes on self-development, spirituality & business for various online and offline periodicals. Let’s hear it from him.

What inspired you to venture into the finance segment?
Ever since my childhood, I have always been good with numbers and had a special interest in the finance segment. I started my journey in the finance industry to lend a new aspect to it in terms of out-of-the-box strategies and finding solutions for small startups, and midsize companies that do not have the reach or expertise to raise capital.

Define Red Mammoth as an organization.
Red Mammoth is an emerging consulting firm in the business of raising capital and also supporting the management & business strategies of small & mid-sized companies. We also invest in small startups and support their mentorship in investments and even assist them in raising capital from external sources. At Red Mammoth Ventures, we look forward to becoming one of the leading global players in financial consulting in the next five years.

Tell us about the major challenges you have experienced in your journey so far and how you overcome them.
The major challenges that we face are the times when clients are not able to provide accurate documentation for raising capital at the same time have high expectations for immediate solutions. In such cases,
expectations need to be geared down to reality. That is the first focus that we need to look at and try to orient whoever comes to us in terms of the aspect of reality so that they bring their expectation down to the real level. There are many other operational challenges that we face every day. However, we are gradually implementing strategies to mitigate those challenges and grow at the same time.

I started my journey in the finance industry to lend a new aspect to it in terms of out-of-the-box strategies and finding solutions for small startups, and mid-size companies

What is your leadership approach?
Red Mammoth’s philosophy is to be conservative but not short sighted in respect to understanding the needs of our clients and providing solutions to them.So we do everything necessary for managing the company efficiently and invest to keep our employees absolutely on the threshold of technology and new management ideas. We also encourage creativity and responsibility, and for that, we give our employees enough leeway. Our managers are mostly youngsters who are growing along with us and learning along the way, so we keep learning at the forefront and we also encourage them to take independent actions. At the end of the day they learn to take responsibility for their actions and while they grow, the organization grows with them.

How do you maintain the perfect balance between your personal and professional life? What is your success mantra?
I believe that nothing can be done without action. So, it is important to let go of every restraining factor and keep moving ahead. That has been the mantra behind all my successful outcomes. Speaking about personal and professional life, I believe both are extremely intertwined. To maintain a perfect balance, I usually avoid taking extra stress and focus on thinking creatively to find solutions rather than worrying about problems.

What are the changes in the fintech segment you anticipate and what are the opportunities you foresee? Also, what advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?
With emerging technologies and innovations, the Fintech market is going to grow rapidly in the coming years. Easy Access to Money is going to be at the forefront of every business, opening opportunities in various verticals. With the advent of the metaverse, with work at home coming in, people expanding their horizons, and reaching across geographies, there could be so many potential opportunities that are opening up right from micro lending to leveraged financing and fractional investment.

Young entrepreneurs must focus on their actions, and think carefully of their choices & the resultant consequences of their decisions. They must not make a decision without researching the process and understanding the consequences of their actions. And once they are ready, having calculated their pros and cons, they must move toward acting on their decisions.