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  • Top 10 CEOs in India - 2023

    The Board Room Heroes Behind the Success of Any Organisation In the corporate governance Chief executive officers (CEO) are head of their board in for their organization. CEOs are responsible for day to day management decisions and for implementing the companies long and short term plans. The chief executive officer is one of the most coveted titles. Chief executive officers also have a responsibility to make important business decisions. And also CEOs have a significant influence on their respective organization. From the perspective of organizational psychology, CEOs have a considerable effect on the performance of an organization as a whole because of their influence on the lower levels of management. "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality"...

Top 10 CEOs in India - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Maven Silicon Maven Silicon Sivakumar P. R, Founder & CEO A seasoned engineering professional who has worked in various fields, including electrical engineering, academia, and semiconductor industries, with over 25 years of experience
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Tuseva Tuseva Akash Sonakia, CEO An automobile expert in automobile data research, market research & analysis, and market intelligence with over many years of work experience
Axiscades Technologies Axiscades Technologies Arun Krishnamurthi, CEO & MD A transformational executive business leader with around three decade of experience in managing large P&L’s, listed companies and in transforming businesses
Meditest Diagnostic Meditest Diagnostic Chandramani Upadhyay, CEO An experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry skilled in market planning, business planning, sales, medical devices, and International business
Imagicaaworld  Entertainment Imagicaaworld Entertainment Dhimant Baksh, CEO A highly ambitious leader with strong business acumen, passionately curating an enthralling and unforgettable experience with his themed entertainment destination
Raise Global Raise Global Meera Iyer, President & CEO A seasoned value-creator, growth and innovation professional with experience rating and deploying new business models, expanding business into new markets, and launching new businesses and also a dynamic advisor to various corportes
FieldAssist FieldAssist Paramdeep Singh A., CEO A passionate leader having 16+ years of extensive entrepreneurial experience, with focus on creating a unified ecosystem of technology products that empower companies to build great brands
Bipico Industries Bipico Industries Pramit Patel, CEO & Managing Director A visionary leader with industry expertise can navigate these challenges, drive innovation, and forge strategic partnerships to meet customer demands effectively
Red Mammoth Ventures Red Mammoth Ventures Raj Sukheja, CEO A business & finance specialist with his experience spanning over 8 countries and is cross functional, and his acumen have led to several large deals in various industry verticals
Laudco Media Laudco Media Shubham Mehrotra, CEO A business leader creating integrated digital solutions to build value on behalf of the world’s most iconic brands with a proven track record for developing and implementing business strategies for profitable growth