Rajesh Solomon Paul: The Accidental Entrepreneur

Rajesh Solomon Paul,Founder & Directo

Rajesh Solomon Paul

Founder & Directo

Becoming an entrepreneur was not a choice, but an accident for me," proclaims Rajesh Paul - one of the successful entrepreneurs of today and Founder & Director of Excel Geomatics - a finest consultancy company in geospatial industry. "The story behind my entrepreneurship lies in the downfall of my previous company due to utter mismanagement," he adds. However, undeterred by this catastrophe, Rajesh then forayed into geospatial industry and moulded his brainchild to deliver quality consultancy and value added services, which are in fact scarce to be found in the domain. Grown up with inspiration drawn from his mother's words, 'Dream Big and Work Harder', he along with his wife has successfully developed his venture from scratch to seize more than 80 percent of repeat business from each of its overseas clients located in 13countries.

The Peddling Done Underneath
Today, as the proud leader of a company that owns a database of 500 job seekers, Rajesh might be standing tall, but the effort done while rising to this summit is quite
worth a true story. Started in small rented flat, with minimum infrastructure and minimal amount of resources, which combated the financial intricacy, the startup took up a slow but sustainable growth with the much-needed push from few of his ex-colleagues. He is also thankful to his early profession in a celebrated workplace which made him to realize the Dos in a business and helped him to embed the similar work culture and ethics in his own venture, while his failure taught him his Don'ts. Laid according to the same, the positive environment within the organization has enabled the crew to relish the pride of ownership of a project and its success that follows by.

Through his brand excel Geomatics Rajesh handholds the financially challenged yet intelligent students in fulfilling their educational and monthly expenditures

Rajesh also considers his family as his backbone, who has stood by him through thick and thin, serving as a spring board for him to grow profoundly. He adds,"Even my two kids hardly complain when I spend lot of my time away from them due to business compulsions. However, when I am in India, I try to be at home with them during the weekends". Although not a gadget-freak, he loves to have his smart phone
by his side as he believes it is an effective platform for him to connect with his family and friends and that even keeps him up-to-date with his business developments, irrespective of the distance. With seas as his free-time getaway, he has made sure that his family flies with him overseas for a vacation, once in every two years. A non-vegetarian Indian cuisine epicurean, Rajesh is also fond of swimming, painting, gardening and playing indoor games.

A Share Towards the Society
With a dream to make people 'as happy and prosperous', Rajesh guides his children to understand the importance of love and care for others; whereas, he, through his brand Excel Geomatics, handholds the financially challenged, yet intelligent students in fulfilling their educational and monthly expenditures. Currently, the company is in the process of adopting and financially supporting a small school which has more than 30 specially abled children and run by specially-abled couple.

irmly abiding by Ratan Tata's quote - 'I don't spend much of my time and effort in making correct decision but I spend more time and effort to ensure that my decision is correct', he suggest the same to all the startups and entrepreneurs in India. Believing in taking the life as it comes, he advices them to trust god and impart the best in their actions, which would turn into an unparalleled victory.