Rakkshak: Leading the Next Wave of changes in the Healthcare Domain

Sumit Gupta, Co-Founder And CFO, Rakkshak,Vineet Jain, Co-Founder And CEO, Rakkshak

Sumit Gupta, Co-Founder And CFO, Rakkshak

Vineet Jain, Co-Founder And CEO, Rakkshak

Rakkshak is on a mission to bring a unified Emergency Rescue Solutions to our country and the company provides comprehensive, completely integrated turnkey solutions which can be implemented without any Capital Cost by state governments. Their entire solution encompasses, setting up of 24/7 call centres which are merged with existing government helplines, state of the art GPS based Dispatch software with proprietary processes to improve lifesaving skills, On field resources of QRT's/Ambulances equipped with tools, equipment's, tablets etc as well as advanced gadgets like drones and a full operational team.

Rakkshak has been set up with the underlying belief that Every Life Matters and every member of their team works with this spirit in every action they take. As an example, during the pandemic, more specifically the second wave in April 2021, their team worked relentlessly for 2 months, sometimes working nonstop for days, against multiple challenges, and managed to provide rescue to more than 10,000 lives.

Creating Unique Business Strategies To Help Others
Rakkshak acknowledges the fact that time is of the essence in medical emergencies, hence the first step that they have undertaken is to provide a mobile application, which helps save the victim/patient time in reporting an emergency, and then it also saves time for the dispatch team and ambulance in locating the patient. Secondly, the dispatch software is built in such a way that it can respond to any emergency alert within 120 seconds and identify which type of Ambulance and team is to be sent depending on the nature of emergency and the criticality. Their ambulances are equipped with AIS 125 certified Equipments and tools, which are the best in class and can be used in cases ranging from minor injuries to major emergencies. Rakkshak also has trained Paramedics and Doctors in all their Ambulances, who can perform multiple tasks in order to stabilize a patient till they reach the nearest hospital. Moreover, in some critical circumstances, their doctors can also provide cardiac and respiratory relief using a defibrillator or ventilator as the case may be.

Our Proprietary Dispatch Software, is the best in class, with processes and solutions which are not available worldwide. The entire
solution is highly advanced and it connects patients and their family members, dispatch team, In house doctors, Ambulance team and the hospital team seamlessly. With our response system SOP, we are in contact with the patient within 60 seconds of them raising an alert. Moreover, patient and their families are kept in the loop with live status of the response team.The next critical pain point is getting help from qualified and empathetic responders, which we solve by constantly training our response team in behavioral and skill development sessions. Lastly, due to our connect with hospitals across India, a major area of discomfort for patients, i.e. getting admission quickly, especially during the emergency is handled smoothly, since the hospital gets an incoming patient alert immediately after we have picked up the patient", says, Vineet Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of Rakkshak when asked more about their operations.

Rakkshak has been set up with the underlying belief that every life matters. And every member of their team works with this spirit in every action they take

A Team Of Pioneering Professionals
Adding more about their team, Sumit Gupta, Co-Founder and CFO, Rakkshak , states "We have an inhouse training and development department, which is constantly upgrading the skills of all our team members, especially the drivers and the paramedics who form the backbone of our service. The training department is constantly in touch with key healthcare professionals who provide their expertise to help our department in constantly evolving our programs keeping in mind the current developments".

Rakkshak is on a mission to save lives in any and every emergency. The company is also working on various other project/verticals including a) Rakkshak Health ­ Mobile Medical Units to serve the urban poor and rural population where healthcare services are a challenge, b) Rakkshak Safety Their highly advanced Women's Safety and Police Dispatch system will be state of the art, first of its kind in the world, which will not only provide immediate rescue, but also help the victim get faster justice, and c) Rakkshak Vayu ­Another first in the world, their new Fire Response solution will ensure that during a Fire, we are able to reach any site, within 5-6 minutes, much faster than a Fire Engine, and dissipate the fire making it safer for the Firemen to enter the area and rescue people faster and easier. Moreover, this solution can also be used by Disaster Management authorities to save lives and provide relief in events like Earthquakes, Floods and Hurricanes etc.

Vineet Jain, Co-Founder And CEO, Rakkshak
Ensuring that the company continues to aim for greater heights and helping more people in need.

Key Attributes of Rakkshak:
•Pioneering the industry
•120 second dispatch time
•Prompt response solutions for any Emergency
•Well-equipped ambulances and QRT's
•Top-notch professionals