Relevance Lab: Keeping Employees Relevant with Cutting-Edge Technologies & Best Practices

Puneet Chaddah    Co-Founder & CTO,  Soumendra Kumar Das  Co-Founder & COO,    Francis Gonsalves   Senior Director - HR

Puneet Chaddah, Co-Founder & CTO

With each passing day, month & year, technology is changing and getting better. Keeping-up with relevant technologies is crucial for every working individual as well as organization to function efficiently & effectively. Staying up-to-date with industry trends, new tools and emerging technologies not only energize & motivate employees to perform well, but also enhance their productivity and career tenure in the organization. This also helps enterprises to achieve their business goals while meeting their customer expectation. Presently, even large IT enterprises fall short of providing continuous learning opportunities to their employees in order to keep them relevant in today’s constantly changing landscape of technology. However, San Jose-based Relevance Lab(RL)– a DevOps and Automation specialist – has been instrumental in redefining and breaking paradigms.

The company keeps upskilling its employees on cutting-edge technologies such as Agile, Analytics, Cloud and Digital from day-1. At the same time, RL also develops a lot of enthusiasm & positive environment among associates, where entire training and learning module has been formulated in order to have the aforementioned initiative initiated and implemented. “While organizations undergo transformation, they face many frictions in their journey and our employees help them in achieving the frictionless business through their capabilities in recent technologies. Our name itself symbolizes our motto where we want to keep our client relevant in the changing landscape of technology & customer expectation by building our own frameworks with aid of cutting-edge technologies,” professes Puneet Kumar Chaddah, Co-Founder & CTO, Relevance Lab.

RL doesn’t stop with creating a work culture that’s aligned with its core values (client focus, employee care, value delivery, expertise and technology trends & industry transformation), but also keenly assures that all its employees understand and adhere to these values through an internal program. This tech-savy company hires mixed talent from various off-campus & on-campus drives, and has been quite successful in understanding newbies’ requirements. At present the company conducts in-campus drives in top colleges in India. Besides, RL also searches talents from social media platforms and runs unique internal employee referral program (designed to build
strong team based on relationships) wherein peers are rewarded with substantial monetary benefits.

"Our name itself symbolizes our motto, where we want to keep our client relevant in the changing landscape of technology & customer expectation by building our own frameworks with aid of cutting-edge technologies"

Enhancing Employees
Through its unique three months pre-on-boarding engagement model, RL tries to establish connect with new hires via different forms & ways and ensures they don’t roll-out their positions once selected. The program not only educates newbies about organization (its culture, technologies /platforms used and others) but also makes them feel comfortable and a part of the team from day-1. On the functional side, RL’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) fulfills all learning needs by upskilling & educating freshers for six weeks on different IT technologies and repeatable frameworks, including data, managed services and digital.

Soumendra Kumar Das, Co-Founder & COO

Alongside, all campus hires also undergo structured training program (classroom + on-job training), where each hire is assigned under respective CoE owner who has his/her own training strategy that runs for another 6-8 months. Upon successful completion of these training programs, all freshers are allocated respective projects. Also, a survey is hosted by the HR team for the new hires (30, 60 and 90 days old) to obtain their on-boarding experience, wherein inputs are used for process improvement and enhancing on-boarding experience. “Our on-boarding experience, induction, mentoring & coaching process help employees to get familiar with the organization, and that’s where their journey moves-on and they get into more of the learning & development areas,” professes Soumendra Kumar Das, or SKD, as he is fondly known as, in Relevance Lab, who is the co-founder & COO.

The company partners with many corporates and upholds qualified trainers who conduct training on different technologies for lateral entries/internal employees based on annual training calendar. This employee -centric firm encourages resources to take-up various certification programs (on company’s expenses) relevant to their profile and Tech Talks(either via external forum or in-house subject matter experts) to keep them abreast with latest
technologies and best practices across the industry. Tech talk provokes employees to talk about their experience and share their knowledge with other teams where cross coordination of knowledge takes place on the interaction level. The platform not just fulfills the knowledge gap, but also creates a team feeling within the entire organization, especially at the grass root level of employees.

Perks beyond Monetary Benefits
Helping employees to strike a better work-life balance and create joyful workspace, RL renders huge benefits starting from flexi work timing, work from home, team outing, group mediclaim, personal accident & term life insurance, flexible benefits plan, wellness programs, weekend/holiday allowances, to wedding, new born & birthday gifts and fun activities. Keeping in view the safety of women employees, the company upholds Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) committee and doesn’t allow them to work late night. “RL provides a harassment-free work environment to all employees, including those for on temporary employment and we have a zero tolerance towards the violation of this code of conduct”, says Francis Gonsalves, Senior Director - HR, Relevance Lab.

Francis Gonsalves, Senior Director-HR

Abreast of following all the regulations & HR policies, RL encompasses a widespread of monthly, quarterly and annual awards. Its spot awards enable team leads/managers to appreciate their teams/cross functional team members for short term/one-time accomplishments, whereas annual awards are given in the presence of employees’ families under categories like client delight, innovator, best projects and leadership excellence on annual day celebration. With such exclusive steps, there is no doubt that Relevance Lab is one of the most preferred companies to work for when one is looking at growth in both personal and professional front!

Key Management
Raja Nagarajan- Co-Founder & CEO
Puneet Chaddah- Co-Founder & CTO
Soumendra Kumar Das- Co-Founder & COO

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