Royal Sports & Fitness(RSF): Giving New Meaning To India's Fitness Dreams

   Puneet Jain,     Founder

Puneet Jain


Based on revenue produced, the fitness equipment market is anticipated to grow at a five-year CAGR of 18.7 percent between 2021 and 2026. The development of organised fitness centres with a variety of services, along with various government initiatives like 'Quality of Life' and 'Your Home, Your Gym campaign' to encourage people to regularly engage themselves in physical activity, are all expected to contribute to the fitness equipment industry growing at a significant rate. These factors include the rising health concerns among the population suffering from non-communicable diseases, specifically obesity and chronic diseases due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is intriguing to observe how the demand for fitness related goods and services has increased significantly over the past ten years as we look back on the development of the fitness business in India. The sector is currently at an inflection point that predicts many promising advancements in the future. One of the many important elements that has contributed to the rise in consumers' interest in fitness and their active pursuit of products and services to support their continued fitness is the development of technology and the democratisation of knowledge. The majority of goods and services on the market today are designed to give customers fresh, interesting options for maintaining their health and well being.

Royal Sports & Fitness(RSF) a brand of Royal Sports India is a leading name in India fitness equipment industry. Established in 2012, RSF was founded by Puneet Jain. A sole entrepreneur, he mostly drove the entire value chain of the company. Although the firm started out as a sports solution provider, Puneet saw a window of opportunity in the growing market for fitness equipment and chose to venture into the same. He started off with just a dumbbell and a trading cart. The initial years saw a humble revenue of 5 lakhs. However, over the span of successful years, RSF has grown with leaps & bounds in manifolds.

The firm now has a turnover of approximately 6 Crores, 70 plus staff members. RSF takes care of the entire chain of manufacturing inhouse under a single roof. There are no third party vendors involved except for when the components are to be sourced from overseas.

RSF India has earned the trust of some of the major names in various industries including government bodies. One of the major reasons for this large client base is the approach RSF has taken in the present day of technology.

Embracing Digitalization
Over the years, while the fitness equipment industry flourished, the after sales support of
the very same industry took blow to the face. Some major brands were struggling to keep up with the customer complaints, not just with respect to the product quality but with the service, delivery and more. Since the beginning of the 21st century, many industries are undergoing substantial digital transformations. From e-Commerce to healthcare, the majority of companies are reaping the benefits of continually improving technologies. The fitness industry is one of the later bloomers. Historically, it has focused on highly personalized face-to-face interactions, leaving technologies to wait in line. Meanwhile, gym goers and health seekers dig deeper into what digitalization has to offer, expecting the service providers to do the same. One of the pressing segments where the digitalization was a must was the after sales support sector. People who purchased equipment online, did not have a proper channel to address their grievances. RSF tapped into this need of the industry and jumped on the bandwagon to completely digitalize their services.Now with RSF a customer is not only able to book and purchase an equipment he or she is able to track and give feedback about the equipment too.

This significantly improved the Quality of the service delivered to client.
Brining Inclusivity in Fitness
More so, RSF is seriously introducing inclusivity in the fitness dreams of the country. The country has 24,000 gyms across its length & breadth, according to Fitternity. Less than 2000 account for the numbers in the rural areas. With its zeal to cater to the large market share RSF delivers its products to rural and well as metropolitan cities, thereby serving all lifestyles.

Tapping into the Opportunity with Innovation
Health & Wellness is the Next Trillion Dollar Industry. Wellness, defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort, is a mindset we believe has seeped into the lives of the every living soul. Factors such as the growing popularity of fitness culture, rising health consciousness due to obesity concerns, and advantages of fitness equipment are fuelling the growth of the fitness equipment market. Additionally, the rising home workout trends and smart home gym equipment applications are offering new opportunities for the studied market over the forecast period. RSF closely observes the emerging market and has ensured to be prepared to cater to the same. With its highly capable and professional team of experts spanning expertise in business planning,sales,purchase, and after sales and others.

RSF has in place a team of well versed problem solvers as part of the customer support executives who are always available to resolve customer queries in a jiffy. RSF has left no stone unturned in order to make the best of the market. The firm realizes the importance of innovation in any industry. It is the very foundation of evolution for any sector to thrive. Keeping this in mind, RSF has introduced QR codes that the customers can simply scan and get connected to the customer care to address their greivances or share a feedback.

Ok Tested Equipment, Every time
This rapidly growing fitness equipment manufacturer has a Quality Check team to ensure not a single product reaches the customer untested or with faulty components. Right from the equipment's ergonomics to functionalities, every aspect of the machine is thoroughly tested before dispatching for delivery. All of this has been possible because of the strong & trust worthy bunch of people on-board.

Two-Pronged Future Roadmap
RSF has roped in the former Mr. World Thakur Anup Singh as its brand ambassador. RSF has a two pronged roadmap for the future. The firm intends to open a gym franchise across the country to cater to the dearth & uneven spread of gyms. More so, RSF has observed the talent & skill gap existing in the number of gym trainers across the nation. It is, but a reality, that any newbie can open a gym and become a trainer, thereby jeopardizing the health of the members, and often leading to fatal injuries. RSF has determined to giver this industry a makeover by introducing a fitness academy that would not just train fitness enthusiasts, but also educate them on the science of fitness. The trainer graduating from here will carry with them certifications to open their own gyms and fitness centres. More important, this initiative will further bring in an avenue for employment. With such objectives in mind, RSF is headed to a promising future ahead in the fitness equipment industry.