Rucha Yantra: A One Stop Shop Offering Flexible Material Handling Solutions

Rohit Dashrathi,Founder and Director

Rohit Dashrathi

Founder and Director

As automation becomes the new normal for manufacturing and warehouse operations in the age of Industry 4.0, the options to help you get there are rapidly evolving. Techno logies like Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots(AMRs) are advancing while costs continue to decrease; making these options more accessible for companies of all sizes. Established in 2016, Rucha Yantra is a leading Indian company which provides robotics solutions to bridge the gaps in material handling industry. Today, while automation is the need of the hour, robotics is still a complex subject. Rucha Yantra was set up with the mission to not only making robotics simpler but also to design robots that are user friendly, minimalist and have all the essential features that are required.

"At Yantra, our aim is to to develop effective, reliable, and affordable solutions for challenges that our customers face on a daily basis. Hence, with our innovative team of engineers, we specialize in building Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that can handle floor transportation of material from one point to another without human intervention. We also specialize in customised Special Purpose Machines (PMs)and Robotic Integration & Automation services. While AGVs are not new, we have added adaptability and came up with a new series tugger and unit load type AGVS(RAGHAV), low height tunnel type AGVs(VAMEN)and human guided load carriers(SAEVK). We always strive hard to solve complex dynamic problems in load carriage and transportation, where tremendous human efforts are required. Hence, our AGVs are specifically designed to work under challenging floor conditions & demanding material handling requirements in manufacturing industries as well as in commercial segments. These smart AGVs are being made smarter with many upcoming Industry 4.0 features such as performance monitoring modules auto loading unloading accessories and wireless charging systems" highlights Rohit Dashrathi, Founder and Director, Rucha Yantra.

Bridging Gaps With Quality Offering
Currently, the first and foremost issue that most of our clients complaint about is availability of low cost solutions. Automation solutions cost a lot and this is why most
clients are not readily willing to invest. However, it is essential that manufacturers look at automation from a long term perspective. While the upfront cost may seem high, in the long run, they shall be more than offset by the benefits. Yantra is not just building solutions that are affordable by all, but it also provides solutions in terms of AGVs and AMRs that do not require shop floor modifications and which is easier to adopt.

"Our products are developed to reduce cost, increase productivity and efficiently solve material handling issues. Manufacturers benefit immensely through a host of Industry 4.0 features such as remote performance monitoring, auto loading unloading accessories, and wireless charging. Our AGVs and Mobile Robots are rugged for manufacturing and commercial setups' challenging conditions. What makes them suitable for shop floor is their design compact and innovative that lets them access almost any section of the floor. All in all, manufacturers can rely on Yantra AGVs to increase the speed of floor transportation, reduce errors, and boost productivity" says Rohit.

With a team of 15 skilled experts, within a short span of four years since foundation, yantra has made its place amongst the top three players preferred for AGV and AMR requirements across india

Paving The Path Ahead
With a team of 15 skilled experts, within a short span of four years since foundation, Yantra has made its place amongst the top three players preferred for AGV and AMR requirements across India. From bagging reputed client like Mercedes Benz which is the biggest Automobile Customer in early 2019 to many more including Bastian Solutions, Sansera Engineering, Flash Viven Group, Sanjeev Group, Vaidya Group, Rucha Engineers, Burlyfield Biotech, Shankar Packaging & Vitesco, Rucha Yantra has come a long way. The firm is also associated with big players in Shopfloor and Logistics Automation like Bastian Solutions, ARAPL, Kollmorgen Sweden, Guidance Automation UK, Focus Robotomation and some more. Recently we have also ventured into healthcare and deployed a healthcare delivery robot in Aurangabad's hightech Hedgewar Hospital. We have also diversified into industrial robotic products and services such as SPMs for leak testing, drilling, traceability marking and robotic welding cells. We have deployed 80 cells and 10+ SPMs within 1 year of commencement.

As far as the road map for Yantra is considered, Rohit Dashrathi shares, "We want to become the best of what we currently are. We have made a strong portfolio in AGVs/AMRs till now. So, investing good time and money in technology and software development for the same is our first priority. Having said that, extending the portfolio to ware housing bots, service bots for commercial & household cleaning are definitely on the cards.. We are also looking forward to venture into aerial robotics by next year".

Rohit Dashrathi, Founder And Director, Rucha Yantra
Rohit Dashrathi is one of the new generation entrepreneurs in the Indian industry. He is the Founder and Director of Rucha Yantra, a robotics and automation company. He completed his bachelors in MEchanical engineering in the year 2011. He also holds double majors and has done Masters in the field of Mechatronics, Robotics & Automation Engineering from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and from the prestigious Michigan Technological University.